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Actions and Results

2020 Actions and results

LITEON develops effective corporate governance and implements practices under the Law of the Company Act, the Securities Exchange Act and other relevant laws and regulations. The company continues to improve its management performance, while safeguarding the rights and interests of investors and other stakeholders. LITEON places a great emphasis on open, impartial disclosure. The company discloses financial data and statements, annual reports, and important information in a timely, accurate, and transparent manner on the Market Observation Post System. It also makes related details available on the LITEON website to all stakeholders.



In accordance with the Company Act, the Securities and Exchange Act, and other relevant securities management regulations, the Company has amended its operational standards including the “Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles”, “Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles” and “Ethical Management Policy”. The Company has established a corporate governance framework and promotes relevant tasks in accordance with the above to safeguard the rights and interests of investors, utilize the functions of the board of directors and relevant functional committees, and promote transparency.

Vice President Ms. Jean Hong shall be the person responsible for corporate governance in the Company. Ms. Jean Hong has more than ten years of experience in conducting financial operations and business meetings in a management capacity in listed companies. Her main responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Formulating company policies and an appropriate organizational structure to facilitate independence of the board of directors, transparency of the company, and effective implementation of compliance, internal audit and internal control.

  2. Reporting to the board of directors, directors, and the functional committees on the status of corporate governance practices in the company, and checking if shareholders meetings and board meetings are called in compliance with the applicable regulations and corporate governance principles.

  3. Inviting suggestions from directors prior to a board meeting to facilitate preparation of the meeting agenda; and giving a minimum of 7-day notice to all directors to attend a meeting and providing sufficient materials for the directors to familiarize themselves with the items. Giving prior notice to the individuals involved in the presence of items that involve stakeholder interest and require recusal.

  4. Registering the date of shareholders meeting and preparing and filing with the authority the shareholders meeting notice, agenda, and minutes by the statutory deadline every year; and completing the procedures after an amendment of the Articles of Incorporation or an election of directors.

  5. Inspecting the disclosure of material information passed by the board of directors after a board meeting or shareholders meeting in order to ensure the legality and accuracy of said material information and protect parity of investor information.

  6. Keeping board members informed of latest changes and developments in laws and regulations relevant to the company's field and regarding corporate governance.

  7. Create yearly study plans or enroll in courses based on the characteristics of the company's business activities and the education and experience of respective directors.

  8. Providing the directors with necessary company information; and maintaining an open communication channel between the directors and the department leaders.

  9. Providing assistance to arrange communication between the independent directors and the Chief Audit Officer and the certified public accountants to facilitate understanding of the company's financial operations.

  10. Other duties pursuant to the Articles of Incorporation or other contracts.

Future goals


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