2020 LITE-ON CSR Report

Reporting Time Frame and Scope of Report

Time frame:From January 01, 2020 to December 31, 2020

  • Financial data presented in this report reflects performance of the parent company and its subsidiaries.

  • For nonfinancial data, the reporting boundary for the ESG data is based on operational control. The report covers the nine business units, namely, Power Module Solutions, Cloud Infrastructure Power Solution, Optoelectronics Product Solution, Intelligent Peripheral Solution, Mechanical Electronic Solution, Smart Application Solutions, Automotive Electronics Applications, LEOTEK, and Networking. Comparing to the financial performance, the nonfinancial performance disclosures are focus on the major operation and manufacturing locations, such as Taiwan, Mainland China, Thailand, Vietnam, and India while excluding the IPO/OTC subsidiary, Silitech. Unless elsewhere specified, information will be disclosed in the report.

  • To focus on transformation development, LITEON transferred its Solid State Drives Business (SSD) to Kioxia Holdings Corporation on July 1st, 2020, as a result, the SSD Business Unit was removed in environmental reporting. In addition, we added the Vietnam plant which was expanded in 2020 in the new scope and leading to a 23 bases worldwide environmental reporting coverage that accounts for 89% of the total revenues, while the social indicators remain 98% coverage worldwide.

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2020 CSR Report Divided by Topic

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Corporate Governance .pdf
Risk Management .pdf
Stakeholders Engagement .pdf
Customer Relationship and Satisfaction .pdf
The Sustainable Supply Chain .pdf
Environmental Policy and Management .pdf
Carbon Management .pdf
Green Product Management .pdf
Hazardous Substances Free Management .pdf
Water and Waste Management .pdf
Environmental Performance .pdf
Labor Index .pdf
Human Capital Development .pdf
Talent Attraction and Retention .pdf
Occupational Health and Safety .pdf
Human Rights .pdf
Corporate Citizenship and Philanthropy .pdf
Information Security and Privacy Management .pdf

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