Customer Service and Satisfaction

Customer Service and Satisfaction

  • Vision

    At LITE-ON, we deliver excellent execution to provide quality and innovative products and services that create value for our customers and make us the best partner for our customers.

  • Strategy and policy

    • Put customer satisfaction at top of the core values for Lite-On's operations.
    • Build a cross-functional team to provide a full range of real-time services.

  • Goals
    • Short term goal: Annual average customer satisfaction at 90% or higher.

    • Medium/Long term goals: Ongoing improvement of the customer service management process to maximize customer satisfaction.


Customer Service

LITE-ON’s each business unit has cross function teams (CFTs) providing targeted services to individual customers; these teams bear responsibility for taking orders, performing product R&D and manufacturing, and ensuring quality, delivery, cost, and after-sales service. Our CFTs can quickly propose response methods and overall solutions based on customer issues and feedback.

In order to satisfy customers' needs for prompt delivery; we handle purchasing, planning, logistics, and cash flow processes online, and use online information as the basis for our operations. We also integrate data from external suppliers, customers, and banks, etc., to ensure that management and delivery information is correct and up-to-date. Furthermore, to shorten the processing time for technical support, transport and delivery, and after-sale services, LITE-ON has installed production facilities, branches, and distribution warehouses in locations close to customers around the world that are able to respond promptly to customers' needs.

Customer Satisfaction

"Customer Satisfaction" is one of the important bases of product and service improvement for LITE-ON. Understanding and analyzing customer satisfaction is one of the important ways for LITE-ON to continually improve its product quality and service procedures and implement new systems to further satisfy customers' needs. Building on scores of regular customer evaluation and audits as well as results of the quality management system, LITE-ON sends customer satisfaction surveys to large customers*1 every year. Survey results are used to make improvement plans. In addition, improvement of customer evaluation scores is also made one of the performance indicators for certain departments as appropriate. A customer satisfaction score below 4 will require the responsible departments propose improvement measures. The sales department will track the progress in improvement, which should be completed on time to ensure satisfied customers.


Policy on Customer Privacy

While striving to improve customer service, we also emphasize respect for customers’ privacy and intellectual property rights. To protect their confidential information, we enter into NDA (nondisclosure agreement) with customers, and make sure that all employees maintain customer confidentiality when performing their duties. In 2017, none of our activities violated customer privacy or injured customers’ interests and rights due to loss of customers’ data. For more information please go to Information Security and Privacy Management

Quality Commitment

Our quality commitment consists of listening to customers, and understanding customers' real needs, transforming the needs to CTQ (Critical To Quality), and strengthening Quality Control (QC), in order to achieve the maximum customer satisfaction. At LITE-ON, 6Sigma implementation is one of the important quality management strategies. 6 Sigma improvements are intensively linked up with the business units' operational performance targets, and become LITE-ON's corporate culture for quality improvement.
Meanwhile, these improvement activities shall also been extend to our suppliers to keep the supply chains in line with each other in the quality improvement activities and generate the maximum quality improvement results.
Over the course of quality improvement, LITE-ON involves the mass production team early in the product introduction stage and implements stringent supplier management as well as model lines to ensure that product quality can be replicated consistently and rapidly in large volumes.


In order to strengthen organizational learning and statistical analysis, while boosting quality awareness, the company implements 6 Sigma activities and provides quality management training classes, including green belt (GB) and black belt (BB) training. The company ensures that employees understand how to use tools and actively take part in improvement projects. Only continuous employee learning and self-improvement can ensure ongoing quality improvement. In addition, a best practice benchmark system is adopted in conjunction with meetings and competitions to ensure that employees at all plants can share, learn, and quickly replicate best practices.

In addition to launching 6 Sigma, all of LITE-ON's business units have passed ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification. They apply the PDCA cycle thoroughly in everything they do to simplify and rationalize work procedures. All policies, strategies and methodologies have been devised to satisfy the three ultimate desires of customers: Perfect, Free, and Now. These are also LITE-ON's three main commitments to customers regarding quality improvements.

Product Health and Safety

LITE-ON is committed to complying with international health and safety regulations, customers' safety requirements, and recommendations for improvement by safety certification agencies over the years. The company combines the rules and makes health and safety part of the considerations for product design, production, and distribution for better management. The company also provides customers and users with products that can be safely used. LITE-ON follows a product safety management process that begins as early as in the product development stage so to comply with international safety regulations and customers' safety requirements. The design serves also to avoid rework and waste of money and labor. In 2019, LITE-ON received no customer complaint regarding health and safety regulations for products and services. For more information please go to Occupational Health and Safety.


Regulations Compliance

LITE-ON is committed to following all the global regulations and business ethics according to operational regions, including: equal competition, service safety, proving customers product, complying with all the labor laws and practice, human rights, international criteria and copyright, moreover, company founding and every form of intellectual property. More importantly, LITE-ON truly respects for the cultures and traditions of local operational regions.

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