"SEA HOPE" are the series of activities of ocean action initiated by LITE-ON CSER on marine pollution. Beginning in 2018, SEA HOPE hopes to motivate people to reflect how their behavior impacts the environment. One of the activities the SEA HOPE Team organized are cleanups of coastline and beaches.

In response to marine debris pollution has become the second largest disaster in the world, LITE-ON take “SEA HOPE” as our theme in equivalent of seeing the hope of sea, and encourages our employees to care about social and environmental issues, while responding to the UN's Sustainable Development Goal (SDG14) which advocates the reduction of marine pollution.

SEA HOPE focuses on the topic of Plastic reduction and especially for marine debris and aim to solve the problem of marine abandoned Styrofoam. Therefore, we worked with a social enterprise of QiHui Environmental Technology to dispose of marine abandoned Styrofoam of Taiwan's outlying island-Penghu county. In addition, with the support of internal high-level administrators and the approval of external experts and scholars, we kick off the project of developing marine abandoned styrofoam into recycled plastic which can be used for computer peripheral products.

Development of recycled plastic with 0% of new plastic included We Co-work with a national-level research institution(Industrial Technology Research Institution, ITRI) and suppliers to develop recycled plastic(Recycled High Impact PolyStyrene, r-HIPS) made from Recycled PolyStyrene which is produced by marine abandoned Styrofoam with solvent. The 25% of r-HIPS is made from r-PS, and continue to strive to move toward the goal of at least 80% of r-HIPS made from r-PS and with no new plastic included. Develop more than 2 kinds of computer peripheral products made of recycled plastic (r-HIPS) At present, the recycled plastics has been introduced into computer peripheral products - keyboard and mouse which are world's largest shipments and continues to promote them with our customers such as HP and Dell who pay special attention to marine debris Issues.
Disposal of Marine Abandoned Styrofoam:In 2018, in cooperation with the Penghu County Government, over 13 metric tons of Marine Abandoned Styrofoam has been recycled, and the reduction of carbon emissions due to incineration has reached 1.5 tons of CO2e, and continue to move toward the disposal goals at least 20 tons of Styrofoam.
Cultivate the social enterprise to dispose of marine abandoned Styrofoam(over TWD 1M) :We've been assisting QiHui Environmental Technology , the only Taiwanese social enterprise with patents for separation technology of plastic and solvent, to show up in the activities of our beach cleanup event, and continue to invite them to join the relevant exhibitions. Most important, We offer money to support QiHui to marine disposal abandoned Styrofoam from Penghu county.
Beach cleanup activities:Since October 2018, we've held a total of 10 beach cleanup activities, accumulating over 1000 people to clean 5,122 kg of marine debris.