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Employee Care

LITEON guarantees and protects the rights of all of its employees in the workplace. The company is constantly working to create a healthy workplace. It also complies with employment laws and international standards in all locations of operation, including giving employees the freedom of association and privacy while prohibiting all forms of forced labor, child labor, and discrimination.

Employee remuneration and benefits

21.8 billion

Employee remuneration and benefits: 2021: NT$21.8 billion, 13.2% of total revenue

Employee Communication

100 %

100% of Employee grievance cases were solved and closed

SR and FR decreased

25 %

Both Disabling injury frequency rate (FR) and Disabling injury severity rate (SR) were dropped by 25% compared to 2020

Employee Engagement

82 %

An average employee recognition rate of 82% according to the result of employee satisfaction survey