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Message to Stakeholders

In 2016, the global economic environment and the technology industry faced many challenges and changes, but LITE-ON marched ahead like a ship sailing against the wind. With the dedication of our colleagues and an optimized corporate governance after the integration of the Group's nine subsidiaries, we not only overcame the challenges but also showed a positive growth in earnings and profit and gained wide recognition from international investors.

CSER Committee

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Stakeholders Engagement

Stakeholders Engagement

Corporate Governance

LITE-ON values the transparency of operation and corporate governance. We have defined the corporate governance framework and practices in accordance with the ROC Company Act, Securities and Exchange Act, and other relevant laws and regulations, in order to continue improving our management performance and protecting the interests and rights of investors and other stakeholders.

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LITE-ON realizes that every enterprise shall be responsible for environment protection. We has set up the environmental code of conduct designing and manufacturing environmentally friendly products through the environmental management system of product design, production process, supply chain management and after-sale services to minimize impacts on the environment.

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Employee Care

Employees are our most important asset. We place great emphasis on employees’ work environment, career development and care. We have established diversified communication channels internally, and continue implementing various employee relations programs. We hope that we can create a working environment of “happiness, growth, health and harmonization” for our employees. Meanwhile, we strictly comply with various labor laws and regulations.

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Community Involvement

LITE-ON has long committed to community involvement with the goal of "giving back what is taken from society," especially given escalating problems in society. These problems include new immigrant integrating into society, upbringing of younger generation, shortage of life-long educational resources, lack of creative talent, and increasingly serious environmental and ecological issues. LITE-ON's efforts have focused on building a multi-cultural, caring, creative, and sustainable society.

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