Dual-Category Winner with Chance to Take Home $800,000 NT Dollar Prize Award!

The 2017 LITE-ON Award sets two competitive categories, "Design Innovation" and "Technology Innovation," providing a platform to shine for creative minds specializing in either design or technology with their team. Both the "Design Innovation" and "Technology Innovation" categories will award the 3 top teams with gold, silver and bronze prizes respectively. To encourage innovators to brainstorm ideas that bridge the fields of design and technology, entrants will be allowed to enter both categories as long as its concept is in accordance with the selection standards. This is a great opportunity for one dual-category winner to take home a grand prize of $800,000 NT Dollar in total!

The LITE-ON Award is open to participants of all fields and ages, including students, young designers, and anyone interested in using creative and innovative designs to advance the cause of environmental sustainability. The two categories for the LITE-ON Award are open to innovative applications in the following fields: Mobile devices, camera module, power systems, storage devices, core mechanics, networking devices, optoelectronics, biomedical and automobile electronics, cloud computing, industrial automation, sensors, smart cars. Whether your idea is an end- product, or related to manufacturing process, or material that demonstrates technological creativity and advances environmental sustainability, or applications for smart life and the Internet of Things (IoT) such as smart homes, smart automobile electronics, future cars, smart city and etc., are all welcome to take part!

Working with the Ministry of Science and Technology's FITI Program to Create Startup Potential

To encourage the development of ideas with commercialization and real startup potential, the Lite-on Award will work with the Ministry of Science and Technology's FITI Program; in addition to allowing the 3 top teams a chance to join the final selection for a million NTD startup capital award, the selected finalists will also be offered relevant startup and presentation courses to help teams present their creativity, and strengthen their understanding of product commercialization before the final competition. The jury of the Lite-on Award will include experts in industry and academia, as well as startup venture capitalists, thus incorporating comprehensive and diversified views throughout the selection process for the prize winners.

LITE-ON continues expanding and promoting the field of innovative design. This year, Lite-on will continue to work with the global-leading enterprise Merck to hand out 6 special prize awards. The jury will consist of members of both partners and high-level management from LITE-ON business units, to select the team with the most advanced technology, products or innovative ideas!

For more information, please visit LITE-ON Award offical website: www.liteonaward.com

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