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Global Headquarters

Driving down TiDing Avenue, you are greeted by a row of newly constructed buildings that represent a growing hub of the technology industry in Taiwan – the Neihu Science Park. Among the long line of buildings there is one in the shape of folded hands—this is the global headquarters of LITEON Technology. A distinctive part of the Neihu Science Park skyline, the LITEON Technology building won the 2006 Professional Awards-General Design Award of Honor presented by the American Society of Landscape Architects. This is a singular achievement for a building in Taiwan and a worthy representation of local architecture.


The LITEON Technology building's design incorporates the concepts of technology, culture, and the environment, as well as the element of traditional Chinese jade. The architectural design looks back into the past and forward into the future. Scenically located between mountains and a river, the building merges architecture with the environment. Like a pair of clasped hands pointing to the sky, the 23-story building symbolizes LITEON's business philosophy of high standards and leadership, as well as modesty and sustainable development.


In June 2003, LITE-ON Technology moved to the Neihu Science Park, a fast-developing technology hub where overall economic output is the best in Taiwan. Facing the Keelung River and looking over the mountains surrounding Taipei City, the building gives LITEON employees a working environment with a perfect view. Here LITEON's global headquarters is tasked with guiding the company towards world- class excellence.


Mr. Raymond Soong, Chairman of LITEON Group, had three requirements for the building's landscape:

Conform with sustainable energy-saving green architecture
With a green area ratio (GAR) of nearly 60% with the surrounding land, the building contributes to making the city a greener place to work. Some of the seasonal trees have life spans of one hundred years.


Protect the surrounding ecology
Architecture in harmony with the surrounding environment is an important part of protecting the ecology.


Provide employees and customers with a safe and functional natural space
The company cafeteria's ambience features flowing water and offers LITEON employees and visitors a place to relax and enjoy the surroundings while dining. Over 40 years ago, LITEON Technology started its LED business in a small apartment on Yuan-tong Road in Chung-Ho City. Like many successful technology companies, LITEON outgrew the garage to become a leader of its chosen industry through years of hard work. With global headquarters located in the Neihu Science Park in Taipei City, LITEON Technology looks toward sustainable and profitable growth as it expanses business in the high-tech industry.