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Human Capital Development

LITEON's learning structure and roadmap

LITE-ON's learning structure is founded on the organization's strategy, vision, and values. Through comprehensive curriculum planning, a 12-module learning roadmap has been established and organized on four tiers, which are new employees, field- and level-specific training, and self-development.

The 12-module learning roadmap covers

  • basic skills, culture shaping, and corporate governance modules for new employees;

  • digital learning, LITE-ON Lectures, and skill sets modules focusing on self-learning;

  • domain knowledge, core management competency, and quality management modules to improve professional skills;

  • NTU College, leadership, and advanced management modules designed for the management.

LITEON comprehensive learning and development strategies and plans

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Training overview for LITEON’s major operation sites

IIn 2020, LITEON employees completed 36,346 training sessions and a total of 777,736 training hours. On average each person completed 21.4 training hours. (including 2.0 hours of general compliance training and anti-corruption training)



Human Capital Return on Investment

2019 2020 2021 2022
1.414 1.494 1.601.67

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