Human Capital Development

LITE-ON's commitment to learning and development

LITE-ON's mission statement is "the purpose of training is to provide employees with the right management skills, professional knowledge and team work to help the organization thrive and maintain sustainable growth." As a consequence, learning and development receive the highest degree of emphasis at LITE-ON. 圖片

LITE-ON's Learning Structure and Roadmap

Learning at LITE-ON is based on on-the-job training and personal development, and includes the four major elements of new orientation, specialized training, leadership training for managers at different levels, and personal development. Training is intended to help employees identify with LITE-ON's core values and realize the company's vision and strategies. 圖片

LITE-ON's strategies and plans on comprehensive employee learning and development

  • Comprehensive orientation system:
    − Basic training for new employees: In addition to training provided on the first day of work, new employees are required to complete orientation training in three to six months afterwards in order to quickly integrate themselves into the organization. The list of courses include basic LITE-ON training, culture shaping, and corporate governance courses such as "LITE-ON Vision, Mission, Beliefs and Values", "Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles", "Information Security Training", and "On-the-job Occupational Health and Safety Training".
    − Specialized training for new hires: Having commenced their duties within their assigned departments, new employees still have to complete full training in product knowledge, quality and hands-on practice so that they may begin to make a contribution as soon as possible.
  • Specialized training:
    Internal/external professional courses aimed at employees with different responsibilities and designed to improve specialized knowledge and skills relevant to the responsibilities at hand. The list includes manufacturing, sales, quality, procurement, R&D, human resources, finance, and IT courses.
  • Hierarchical management training:
    Internal/external professional courses aimed at managers and arranged by level of authority. The list includes LITE-ON College, a collaborative project involving top universities, and leadership and core management competency courses. In particular, managers who are to be submitted for promotion in the current year will be required to complete the core management competency courses corresponding to the levels to which they are to be promoted before the nominations may be submitted.
  • Personal development:
    A learning environment provided by LITE-ON to encourage employees to engage in lifelong learning and improve themselves. The efforts include inviting outstanding members of the business to speak at the LITE-ON Lectures, procuring digital media learning materials from outside, providing in-office training courses, and working together with the language center to offer foreign language courses and encourage employees to engage in on-the-job training.

2017 Training overview for LITE-ON’s major operation sites


We are dedicated to improving our learning development infrastructure and management system in order to provide an excellent and well-rounded HR development environment and platform. The following refers to some of our efforts and achievements in the recent years:

Strengthening Our Learning Development Infrastructure

Friendly Learning Environment
We implement a desired e-Learning platform in Taiwan and China. The e-Learning system ensures that employees may access to a learning environment without limitation of time or space, and employees may arrange their own courses and learning schedules to their sole discretion. They also can view the instructor-lead-training material saved in the system from time to time. E-learning platform utilization can reduce the natural resources used and thus be better for the Earth.

Multi-Dimensional and Plenty Learning Resources
Each year, the company introduces new online courses in addition to a broad range of learning materials such as online courses, e-books, and knowledge banks etc. that employees may study on their own outside of working hours. Since the creation of the e-Learning platform in 2006, there has been a consistent increase in the number of users and learning hours.

Raising LITE-ON's Training Development Quality

In order to improve and upgrade the training development quality, we follow the principles and requirements of TTQS (Taiwan Training Quality System), continue enhancing connection between the organizational needs/strategies and the training, and consistently spare no efforts towards trainees’ learning result follow-up and transfer. We won the HRD InnoPrize and the TTQS Silver Medal Prize awarded by Taiwan government- Workforce Development Agency (WDA), Ministry of Labor Affairs.

Full-range Courses

Comprehensive Orientation System
-3-stage Training for New Hires
In order to quickly familiarize new hires with LITE-ON's corporate culture, vision, policies, and rules on health and safety, all new hires are required to complete a 3-stage orientation within six months of their onboard date. Furthermore, the company makes sure that 100% of new hires are briefed on LITE-ON's sexual harassment prevention policy and employee code of conduct on their first day on the job. Courses on "LITE-ON Vision, Mission and Strategy," "Employee Code of Conduct and Anti-Corruption Advocacy," and "Information Security" are included as part of this orientation, which every new employee is required to attend. The orientation not only conveys the company's vision, mission, strategies and ethical standards expected from employees, but also gives trainees a good understanding of how the company enforces its anti-bribery policy.
-Specialty Training for New Hires
Once new employees commence their duties within their assigned departments, they are subject to full training in professional skills, quality and hands-on practice so that they may begin to make a contribution as soon as possible.


Leadership Training
LITE-ON's leadership training has been integrated with its promotion system. Managers who have been recommended for promotion during a given year are required to complete the necessary management courses and develop the skills and knowledge required for the next level before being promoted according to the company's "Promotion Policy." For senior managers, promotion is approved only after the candidate has finished the required courses and passed various assessments and interviews. These courses include: Daily work management, communication and coordination, problem analysis and decision making, project management, goal management, etc.

Fundamental R&D Training
These courses are part of the learning program for R&D personnel, which new recruits are expected to complete within one year of employment. They cover professional knowledge on power supply, LED, institution, and safety rules.

Technical Training
These courses focus on exploring product trends and new technologies. They are taught mostly by college professors or industry experts to product managers and R&D personnel in general; course materials are discussed in advance between the R&D department and individual lecturers. In addition, the R&D department also arranges to have employees attend external courses.

Quality Generation Training
For compliance with ISO and TS quality standards, employees are required to undergo basic quality courses as well as more advanced training as customers may require.

Performance Enhancement Training
Comprising of leadership, language, and marketing courses, this program is intended to improve employees' work efficiency and managers' leadership skills.

Integrating Group Resources into a Talent Bank and Common Management Language

Creation of Managers' Success Profiles
Success Profiles have been created based on the knowledge, experience, capabilities, and characters expected from a manager. They are used as guides to employees' career development.

Development of a Talent Bank
A company-wide census was conducted to build up a database of managers' knowledge, experience, capabilities and character; so that any open positions can be filled with suitable talent within a relatively short period of time.

Common Leadership Courses
These courses aim to build up common language among managers and eliminate cultural differences, thereby shorten the time required to adapt to the new management.

Advanced Product Innovation

Industry-academia Collaboration
As part of LITE-ON's commitment to corporate social responsibility, a platform for both theory and experiential learning has been created in collaboration with universities for our employees, students, and the public in general. The program is founded upon technological projects, graduate studies and internship programs and combines theories to cooperatively educate and cultivate new talent. In the company's effort to continue its sustainable business values, we hope that this program will put the company into direct contact with leaders of the next generation, thereby providing support to the company itself and offering a great benefit to society, the industry and the individuals involved.

Ongoing Recruitment
Through the aforementioned programs and R&D substitute service opportunities, LITE-ON has been working with universities to train students with the complete set of skills as a means of quickly recruiting R&D talents from graduating students and creating a stable source of talent. <br

Enhancement of R&D Capabilities
To quickly nurture new talent, the company has committed substantial resources to building up basic skills and general knowledge among R&D personnel, thereby making sure that new recruits are able to engage in productive work within the shortest amount of time. To cope with the rapid progression of technology, college professors and doctoral degree holders in various fields of expertise have been invited to host seminars, giving R&D personnel a boost of knowledge that would work in favor of new product development.

6. Thorough Execution of Internal Management

Developing a High Performance Management Model
To ensure that business strategies and management practices are properly implemented from the top-down, the company holds monthly management meetings where managers are gathered to communicate the latest strategies and practices. Industry experts, government officials and scholars are invited to host management seminars from time to time, whereas managers are given the opportunity to attend management trainings outside the company.

7. Enhanced Leadership Skills for Primary-level Managers in China

To enhance the leadership and management skills of primary-level managers (team leaders) in China, LITE-ON has been introducing the Training Within Industry (TWI) for Supervisors program into its Chinese factories. The purpose of TWI was to build up a group of qualified internal instructors and standardized training materials that can be applied consistently to improve the leadership and management skills of primary-level managers.

8. CSER-related Training Programs

CSER OrientationCSER Orientation
To help new hires develop a proper understanding of CSER and the efforts taken by the company, LITE-ON has been incorporating CSER as part of its orientation programs.

CSER e-Learning
Through a series of e-Learning courses, the company addresses employees on CSER issues. In addition, courses such as "Corporate Social Environmental Responsibility (CSER)" and "Social Engagement" have been made a mandatory part of orientation to promote the importance CSER principles. We hope that all employees can join together to accomplish our company-wide CSER goals.

Promotion of CSER e-Learning
LITE-ON issues regular newsletters (LITE-ON Volunteer, HRD Team) and the quarterly "LITE-ON Magazine" (an internal publication) as a means of conveying CSER values, inviting employees to volunteer, and sharing what the organization has committed to and achieved.

CSER Training in Every Unit
In order to provide every employee with a proper understanding of CSER, the company utilizes meeting sessions to convey the latest regulatory changes and the company's CSER efforts, thus progressively incorporating CSER into employees' daily lives.

  1. Responsible Business Alliance RBA

Practical Training Courses
We incorporated RBA into the orientation training program, and expect new employees to understand LITE-ON strive to implement RBA in daily life. We hold RBA related propagation or enhancement training classes in random in PRC area to broaden training scale. LITE-ON makes sure that its employees are aware of the safety standards, respect and dignity entitled at work, as well as the company's policies on environmental protection and ethical conduct.

E-learning Classes
To ensure that all employees understand the contents of RBA and comply with the relevant requirements, we started providing RBA on-line courses in the e-Learning system to enable all employees to review RBA standards and regulations by themselves without limitation of time or space.


Security Training to Protect Corporate Human Right

LITE-ON strive to conduct employee safety management and corporate confidential information protection in order to ensure a safer working environment and to protect corporate confidential information and the profit of corporate, clients, employees & stockholders.

LITE-ON set up an advanced access control system, personnel get in and out of offices or factories with various authorization. Guards selected strictly by condition and background should receive trainings on manners, traffic conduction and security check orientation.

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