Human Capital Development

LITE-ON's Learning Structure and Roadmap

LITE-ON's learning structure is founded on the organization's strategy, vision, and values. Through comprehensive curriculum planning, a 12-module learning roadmap has been established and organized on four tiers, which are new employees, field- and level-specific training, and self-development.

The 12-module learning roadmap covers

  • basic skills, culture shaping, and corporate governance modules for new employees;

  • digital learning, LITE-ON Lectures, and skill sets modules focusing on self-learning;

  • domain knowledge, core management competency, and quality management modules to improve professional skills;

  • NTU College, leadership, and advanced management modules designed for the management.

LITE-ON comprehensive learning and development strategies and plans

Basic skills/Culture shaping/Corporate governance

In order to quickly familiarize new employees with LITE-ON's corporate culture, in addition to training on their first day of work, new employees are required to complete orientation training within three to six months. Orientation training is designed to convey the company's vision, mission, and regulations and help new employees quickly assimilate to the LITE-ON organization. The courses are summarized as follows:

  • Basic skills: The courses include "Introduction to Human Resources Regulations," "On-the-job Occupational Health and Safety Training," and "Guide to Product Showrooms." They help new employees familiarize themselves with the new environment and adapt accordingly.

  • Culture shaping: The courses include "The LITE-ON Vision, Mission, Beliefs, and Philosophy," "Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility (CSR)," and "LITE-ON Corporate Identify System." They are intended to give employees a better understanding of the LITE-ON culture and increase loyalty.

  • Corporate governance: The courses on the "LITE-ON Human Rights Policy and Ethical Corporate Management Principles," the "Procedures for Handling Material Insider Information," the "Anti-trust and Compliance Guidelines," and the "LITE-ON InfoSec Awareness Campaign" help new employees quickly become familiar with the rules and regulations in the company.

Digital learning/LITE-ON Lectures/Skill sets

The company offers different learning environments to encourage self-learning among employees. The company designs practical online courses, invites industry experts to speak in LITE-ON Lectures, provides Office software training courses that improve work efficiency and language courses that improve language skills, offers employees different learning resources outside of the office, and helps employees increase their soft power.

  • Digital learning: In addition to in-house digital courses and e-newsletters, LITE-ON introduced CommonWealth Leader Academy courses in 2018. The list includes more than 900 finance and management courses that provide a rich variety of micro-learning resources for LITE-ON employees.

  • LITE-ON Lectures: The lectures offer a wide range of topics. Some focus on product trends and some explore tech trends in new technologies. There are also softer topics, such as health and lifestyle, art appreciation, and other cultural seminars. Most speakers are university professors or industry experts. LITE-ON managers or representatives send invitations, and discuss course details with the guest speakers in order to provide new work or life related knowledge for employees.

  • Skill set: The courses focus on software applications and languages: such as 5 Office 365 tools (Teams, OneDrive, Skype Business, Planner, and Forms), useful Excel tips for the office, PowerPoint presentation preparation and practical tips, and online language courses throughout the year. All courses are intended to help employees improve personal skills.

Domain knowledge/Core management competency/Quality management:
To realize its vision and strategy, LITE-ON makes specialized courses on professional training, management, and quality available to employees to help employees gain management skills and professional knowledge.

  • Domain Knowledge: Courses are designed by individual departments, and on-the-job training is provided by specialization. The courses cover products, quality, and practical training. Some are converted into the digital format, allowing employees to learn beyond the constraints of space and time; employees can adapt quickly to their new environments and positions and make contributions.

  • Core management competency courses: The courses cover routine management, project management, target management, communication and coordination, problem analysis and decision making, and business management. Employees and managers nominated for promotion in a year are required to complete this mandatory course in order to ensure that they possess the necessary core management competencies for their intended positions.

    。 Executive management: bargaining and business negotiation, business management and similar courses

    。 Middle management: target management, internal control, and control procedures courses

    。 Base level: routine management, project management and similar courses

  • Quality Management: Quality is the first step toward value and respect. LITE-ON follows the constant rule of quality first, delivery second, and cost third. The emphasis on quality is reflected in the "Quality 101" courses as well as in the "Advanced Quality" and compliance and audit courses designed to meet product and production requirements. These courses help employees meet client-specific quality requirements and comply with the applicable regulations.

LITE-ON & NTU College/Leadership/Advanced Manufacturing
To build a high performance management and business model, the company has created a series of management and quality courses. This series brings theory deeper into practice, and creates a common language between managers and project team members. The approach shortens the time to manage and adapt in the organization, thereby achieving a high performance management and business model.

  • LITE-ON & NTU College: LITE-ON works with the top school to offer a management training program designed specifically for LITE-ON (NTU Elite Program) and a division management training program/Lead Program.

  • Leadership: Courses such as team accountability courses (basic/advanced/workshop) and high efficiency team building courses are offered to create a common language in the team and build team spirit.

  • Advanced Manufacturing: The courses are offered as workshops for the departments. The advanced manufacturing courses are based on different stages of product development, and proceed from theory to practice, in four stages.

    。 Stage 1: Basic theory

    。 Stage 2: Product engineering to material engineering

    。 Stage 3: Material engineering to manufacturing engineering

    。 Stage 4: Implement LITE-ON advanced manufacturing

Training overview for LITE-ON’s major operation sites

In 2019, LITE-ON Group employees completed 38,676 training sessions and a total of 1,209,326 training hours. On average each person completed 31.3 training hours.1 (including 5.3 hours of general compliance training (anti-corruption training))

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Security Training to Protect Corporate Human Right

LITE-ON strive to conduct employee safety management and corporate confidential information protection in order to ensure a safer working environment and to protect corporate confidential information and the profit of corporate, clients, employees & stockholders.

LITE-ON set up an advanced access control system, personnel get in and out of offices or factories with various authorization. Guards selected strictly by condition and background should receive trainings on manners, traffic conduction and security check orientation.

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