Hazardous Substances Free Management

To reduce the toxic effects of product materials on the human body or the environment, LITE-ON started developing the LS301 standards in 2010, and has been keeping up-to-date on international banned/restricted substance regulations and guides and brand name clients' restricted substance guidelines and requirements. In addition, LITE-ON updates the rationale of restricted substances as needed. Meanwhile, the company has implemented the Green Procurement Guidelines, and requires that each upstream supplier (or contractor) submit the Supplier Statement of Restricted Substances Compliance for material acknowledgment and internal control. In addition, LITE-ON states explicitly in all procurement contracts that the materials, parts, or semi-finished goods must comply with the LS301 standards for effective upstream green supply chain management.

The LS301 standards classify restricted substances into three categories: Banned, Restricted, and Potentially Restricted (including REACH substances of very high concern). The LS301 standards currently list 218 substances: 24 Banned substances that are prohibited, 26 Restricted substances that are allowed with restrictions, and 168 substances that are observed on an ongoing basis for the potential hazards that they pose but have not been listed as banned/restricted substances by the law. With the implementation of green supply chain management, we hope to bring customers low-toxicity and low-pollution products to minimize any harmful impact they may have on the human body or the environment, and achieve the goal of being environmentally friendly through material selection.

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