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Founded in 1975, and being the first listed electronics company in Taiwan, LITEON Technology is a world-leading provider of opto-semiconductor, power supply management and key electronic products with global manufacturing facilities.  LITEON provides products extensively utilized in fields such as cloud computing, automotive electronics, optoelectronic semiconductors, 5G, AIoT, information and communication technology, and consumer electronics.


LITEON's  business philosophy revolves around valuing people as the core of our company. We prioritize and cherish every employee, partner, and customer. Through technology, we aim to enhance the global environment and human life. LITEON has long been committed to addressing environmental issues and proposing innovative solutions that combine environmental sustainability with high added value. We strategize, take effective actions, and exert our influence on the environment and society. We create a diverse and inclusive environment, fostering personal growth and leveraging our collective strengths.