Founded in 1975, and being the first listed electronics company in Taiwan, LITEON is a world-leading provider in optoelectronic components and key electronic modules. In recent years, with its actively deployment in the fields of cloud computing, automotive electronics, 5G, AIoT, optoelectronics, etc., cultivation of smart industries, coupled with development of new business opportunities and products required for smart life and smart cities, LITEON continues to use its professionalism, rich industrial experience, high-quality products and services, and global operations bases, and become the preferred best partner of global customers for developing innovation and application of smart technology.


For over four decades, LITEON produces products that are used in a broad range of applications, such as cloud computing, automotive electronics, optoelectronics, LED/lighting, smart healthcare, computers, communications, industry and consumer electronics while concentrating on establishing a competitive advantage in mass production to maximize the returns from a diverse product portfolio to realize profitable growths through resource integration and management; LITEONs main business strategy focuses on increasing resource utilization, automation, production optimization, and streamlined processes for better productivity and efficiency; in the long-term, the focus is on realizing profitability, maintaining stable operations as well as enhancing the return of shareholders equity to take root in the sustainable operation of a century-old enterprise.


The vision of LITEON Technology is being the “Best Partner in Opto-Electronic, Eco-Friendly and Intelligent Technologies,” a company of world-class excellence in terms of business scale, products, corporate governance, and corporate social responsibility. For business scale, the company's goal is to surpass an annual turnover of USD 10B and to elevate its profitability to the top of the industry. For its major products, LITEON aims to lead the industry and become the absolute No. 1 worldwide. With regards to corporate governance, LITEON pursues transparency, independence, and fairness. While we look for opportunities to generate revenue and profits, we realize the importance of corporate social responsibility and strive to be a good global corporate citizen, to manufacture green products, and to give back to society.



LITEON's mission is to implement an operational excellence centered upon profitability, sound governance and improvement of shareholder returns, thereby demonstrating its determination and strength in achieving consistent profit growth.



Customer Satisfaction, Excellence in Execution, Innovation, and Integrity are the guiding principles, commitments, and beliefs of LITEON Technology. These values are applied throughout the company's daily business operations and management.


• Customer Satisfaction
As the best partners for our customers, we attentively listen to their needs, mastering market trends and using our strong expertise to fulfill their goals.


• Excellence in Execution
With outstanding execution, we dedicate ourselves to fulfilling our commitments to customers, while creating innovative competitive advantages.


• Innovation
With open minds and innovative technology, we are at the forefront of the mass production of next-gen technology.


• Integrity
We emphasize integrity, transparency, and doing the right thing to earn the respect of our employees and trust of our customers and stakeholders to ensure solid and sustainable business operations.