Occupational Health and Safety

Environment, Health and Safety

LITE-ON places emphases on its Occupational Safety and Health Management (OSHM) performance management. LITE-ON is dedicated to providing the safest, the most environmentally friendly and most effective operation sites for the benefit of customers, partners, and the community. OSHM is considered part of LITE-ON's competitive advantage, and is hardwired into the corporate DNA.. LITE-ON has a MOE (Manufacturing Operation Excellence) Department directly under the Group CEO that specializes in setting strategies and policies, and coordinating resources to guide, assist, and confirm that OSHM targets have been met. LITE-ON values the importance of ongoing OSHM improvements, and the labor health, hygiene and safety obligations, rights and interests are clearly indicated in the labor contract or labor health and safety codes of practice. Every operation site has an EHS team headed by the highest ranking officer and a committee founded in accordance with the law whose missions involve attaining ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification, and applying PDCA cycles. In an attempt to minimize intensity of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, LITE-ON's Neihu headquarters introduced an ISO 50001 energy management system in 2011, which was certified in 2012. It also continuously implements energy management in order to enhance its operation performance and value. EHS management has become an important part of LITE-ON's values of "customer satisfaction," "execution in excellence," "innovation," and "integrity." LITE-ON pays particular attention to stakeholders' needs, and through management efforts, a workplace is built as safe and healthy as it is comfortable and environmentally friendly.

For our long term goal on health and safety, we define two major aspects as our target:

  1. Zero industrial injury.
  2. Employee's health condition can be individual KPI (relevant to health promotion).


Worker Health and Safety Committees in Place at Each Plant

LITE-ON's production sites are mainly located in Taiwan, Mainland China and Thailand. According to the laws of Taiwan, every company is required to establish a committee dedicated to promoting worker health and safety affairs. Though no such requirement exists in China or Thailand, LITE-ON has nevertheless created similar organizations to involve employees in the company's health and safety affairs.

Comfortable Working Environment

LITE-ON provides employees with facilities such as fitness centers and libraries that help them stay healthy and relieve stress. A "Cultural Corridor" has also been maintained to develop employees' cultural awareness. Each plant or site features a spacious and comfortable cafeteria where employees can dine without food safety concerns, fully furnished with service providers including travel agencies, cafes, grocery stores etc..

Health Promotion and a Safe Working Environment

LITE-ON adhere to the Labor Health and Safety requirements specified in local regulations whereby LITE-ON operate. We strive to enforce labor safety and health management. We provide pre-service health checkups and trainings to new employees on labor health and safety. Regular health checkups are freely provided for in-service employees annually. A special checkup will be conducted for employees who may perform particularly hazardous work. These employees must also use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and regularly participate in the training courses such as electrical safety, use and management of hazardous articles and substances, and how to avoid unsafe behaviors while working, as well as conducting regular fire drills. In 2017, more than 29,432 of our employees took part in the company-sponsored annual physical examinations. Moreover, there were about 152,323 employees who participated in the fire protection program and EHS promotions.
In order to prevent occupational diseases and occupation accidents, all our plants have established OHSAS 18001 management system, healthy working environments, and health and safety promotion taskforces, which work in conjunction with internal audits and headquarters audits (consisting of annual environment safety, work safety, health safety and fire safety activities). These taskforces oversee environment, health and safety management, and improvement actions throughout the company. Zero accident in our work place is a key indicator of our operations and management.


In accordance with EHS regulations and its management systems, the company has continued to track statistics on occupational injuries (excluding traffic accidents) in 2017. The number of occupational injuries was higher compared to the previous year, but there was no occupational injury death. Analysis has shown that these injuries occurred mostly to employees due to a lack of care while operating machinery. LITE-ON will continue to investigate the root causes of these injuries and prevent recurrences through corrective measures, improved procedures, training, and eliminating of behaviors and workplace arrangements that are unsafe to workers.

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