StyroCycle - Styrofoam Marine Waste (Recycled Plastic Resin) Development Project

 1. Environmental Protection Bureau of Penghu County (government department)
 2. Styrofoam marine waste management suppliers
 3. Recycled material developers and plastic goods manufacturers

Execution date
 October 2018 - ongoing

Background and objectives
Pollution by ocean waste has become the second largest disaster on Earth after climate change. Surrounded by ocean, Taiwan faces the same serious ocean waste problem. However, the more common plastic bottles and fishing nets are already being handled by a complete recycling system in Taiwan, recycled materials and their uses have been developed. Meanwhile, the larger size of styrofoam makes the cost of shipping far exceed the benefit of recycling. Hence, styrofoam processing is one of the trickier issues when it comes to plastic waste. As part of our commitment to the community and to environmental protection, LITE-ON works with social enterprises that process styrofoam marine waste, the Environmental Protection Bureau of Penghu County, and our suppliers in finding effective solutions to processing and reuse of styrofoam marine waste. The objectives are to develop a circular economy and to fulfill corporate social responsibility.

Activities and results
"Penghu Coastal Styrofoam Waste Cleanup Launch Ceremony" - LITE-ON invited representatives of the Environmental Protection Bureau of Penghu County to visit Taiwan, and used the launch ceremony to show the two partners' commitment to clean up coastal styrofoam waste together. To extend the reach of the campaign and to organize more coastal cleanups, LITE-ON teamed up with international environmental NGO in 2018. LITE-ON also invited stakeholders such as suppliers, subsidiaries, and research institutions to join the effort and support the slogan "less plastic on the ground, less plastic all around". Coastal cleanups have taken place on beaches in New Taipei City, Hsinchu, Tainan, and Kaohsiung, and removed more than 2 tons of ocean waste. "Penghu Coastal Styrofoam Waste Cleanup and Processing" - A total of 5 tons of waste has been removed since October 2018. The cleanups will continue with a target at 20 tons per year in the future. Waste is given to suppliers that use a special solvent process to reduce volume and turn the waste into recycled plastic resin for further use.