Stakeholders Engagement

Being the best partner for our stakeholders is one of LITE-ON's commitments. Listening to and communicating effectively with the stakeholders is one of the corners on which LITE-ON builds corporate sustainability.

Stakeholder Identification and Communication

LITE-ON has stakeholders from a wide variety of backgrounds. To present stakeholders sufficiently representative of their categories, we refer to the five attributes in AA1000 Stakeholder Engagement Standard 2015: dependency, influence, proximity, responsibility, and representation. 9 stakeholder categories have been identified by the degree of importance.

The process is conducted in a three-year cycle. In 2017, we summoned representatives from all departments and identified the following stakeholders through open discussions. Correlation tests are also performed every year to examine the survey results returned by stakeholders. .

The nine stakeholder categories are employees, customers, suppliers, investors/shareholders, governments and competent authorities, nonprofit organizations, research institutions, communities, and media.

In 2018, LITE-ON continued to engage stakeholders in the nine categories through regular and ad hoc communication channels, and achieved various results and created values for the society as a whole. We will continue to address issues important to our stakeholders via various channels as well as p15-17 of CSR report.

Identification of Material Issues

The LITE-ON Corporate Social Responsibility Report complies with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards. Material issues are analyzed by following the process of identification, prioritization, validation, and review in order to validate the scope of disclosure in the report as well as major internal/external sustainability challenges faced by the company. The process serves also as a comprehensive review of business performance.


Stakeholder Engagement Performance in 2019

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