Sustainable Achievement

2018 LITE-ON Sustainable Achievement

 ● A member of "Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) for nine consecutive year years.
 ● A 2018 Constituent MSCI ESG Leaders Indexes for five consecutive years.
 ● A 2018 Tomson Reuters 2018 Top 100 Global Technology Leader.
 ● A constituent company in the FTSE4Good TIP Taiwan ESG Index.
 ● Won the "Corporate Citizen Award" of CommonWealth Magazine for the thirteen years in a row .
 ● Awarded the Platinum Top 50 Award of "Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Report Award" in the Electronics Sector by TAISE

Corporate Governance

 ● Ranked as top 5% of public companies list in the Fifth Corporate Governance Evaluation held by TWSE
 ● Total employees in 2018: 41,801
 ● 2018 annual revenue: NT$207 billion
 ● A total of 18 plants have passed Product Liability Insurance AAA Certification to date
 ● Completed external assessment of Board of Directors’performance disclosure
 ● Certified by the independent third party ,SGS Taiwan Ltd, providing assurance for AA1000, high-level accountability and GRI Standards disclosure in accordance with Comprehensive Option for 10 consecutive years. A Third Party Attestation Statement has been attached in CSR report.


Environmental Protection

 ● Water consumption reduced 17.54% Y-o-Y
 ● Waste generation decreased 12.54% Y-o-Y
 ● Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Supplier Engagement Rating A- Level
 ● Certified by the independent third party, SGS Taiwan Ltd, for meeting ISO-14064 requirement in the inventory greenhouse gas emission
 ● Science Based Targets (SBT) Approved


LITE-ON ISO 14001 Certification

Business Operation

 ● For nine consecutive years between 2009 and 2017, the company was ranked first in the "Electronic Sector" by CommonWealth Magazine in its Top 1,000 Manufacturer Review.
 ● Recoginition from customer Dell in CSR supply chain project
 ● Receive Greater Together Supplier Award from customer Philips

Healthy Workplace

 ● Employee remuneration and benefits 2018: NT$25.11 billion, 12.1% of total revenue
 ● Employee frequency of disabling injuries rate decreased 38% Y-o-Y and severity of disabling injuries rate decreased 14% Y-o-Y
 ● Total of 988 new jobs were created in Taiwan
 ● Sports Company Certification by the Sports Administration of the Ministry of Education
 ● Average training 32 hours per employee
 ● 100% of employee grievance cases were resolved
 ● 81 of employees used the one-on-one external professional consulting services in the Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

Giving Back to Society

 ● A total of NT$65.6 million expended in social inclusion
 ● A total of 10,671 community volunteers were trained
 ● The Xinyi Community College was ranked Excellence by Department of Education, Taipei City Government
 ● A total of 114 internship jobs offered to college students
 ● A total of 1,303 works participated in competition for 2018 LITE-ON Award

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