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Green Product Management

Product Green Design and Management

Product Life Cycle Assessment

According to "CSR code of conduct," and bases on life cycle of thinking, LITEON incorporates the 3R principles (reduce, reuse, and recycle) into green product design, and adheres to the promise to reduce, the impact on the environment. LITEON keeps, environment-related substances under effective control, and develops nontoxic, easy to assemble/disassemble, and environmentally friendly products and extend the product life.


Product Life Cycle Assessment and Improvement

Improving product energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact are the core of LITEON's green product design. Although the products are diversified and use a wide range of materials and different processes, LITEON still uses a rigorous life-cycle assessment as its basis method and conducts a detailed inventory according to the ISO 14040/ISO 14044 international standards, Detailed inventory is taken of the five stages of raw materials, manufacturing, transportation,

use, and disposal; at the same time, according to the IEC 62430 specification, the environmental assessments and 3R improvement design principles are integrated into the product development process. Carbon emission calculation and analysis are carried out with the Taiwanese life-cycle assessment software and database DoItPro Version 2020.0003a developed by the ITRI to quantify the environmental benefits at each stage of the life cycle. The cumulative carbon reduction due to the green product design in 2021 reached 407,783 tons of CO2e.

Stage in Product Life Cycle and Results in 2021

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Realization of a Circular Economy

LITEON is committed to building a sustainable value chain and working with suppliers to develop sustainable materials with low carbon emissions, and building an industrial circular economy through innovative R&D technologies.

LITEON's green design team conducts extensive industry surveying and evaluation, with its goal set at high added value and high carbon reduction potential in materials, extensive inventorying of existing materials, and after locking in specific materials, conducting value engineering analysis and innovative technology R&D. In terms of the value chain, it enhances research on industrial symbiotic resources through supplier surveys and technical cooperation. We take green product design as our core concept, and we ultimately focus on the three major aspects of "co-product recovery", "circular souring" and "resource recovery". We cooperate with suppliers to create the basis of an industrial circular economy, and have proposed a number of green solutions, including the development of marine waste sustainable plastics, process resource utilization optimization technology, and the use of a high proportion of post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials in products.


Green Mark and Environmental Declarations of Product

Green mark product certification

Green Mark are labels awarded by governments to products of which the type and specifications are established in compliance with ISO 14024 and which have been certified by a third party to be compliant with or exceed the regulatory requirements for the corresponding product type and specifications. Taiwan's EPA Green Mark, for example, is awarded to quality products ranked in the top 20% to 30% among their peers in terms of environmental performance. Other Green Mark follow similar rules. Given most LITEON products are ODM or OEM products, most type I of environmental protection labels is mainly to assist brand customers to apply. Applications made for LITEON itself are listed as follows.

Product carbon footprint declaration

In order to fulfill its green product responsibility, LITEON provides customers with complete information on the product carbon footprint, and has set it as the baseline for the carbon reduction design of subsequent products, with the aim of developing lower-carbon products. Therefore, for the company's key products, we have proactively completed the product carbon footprint inventory and conducted the inventory and quantification according to Full LCA required by the ISO 14067:2018 standard. In 2021, the Shelf PF-1153 server power supply and PSU PS-2322 product portfolio passed third-party verification, while the desktop computer keyboard SK3822 series was analyzed for LCA before green design; the results are as follows.


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