Green Product Management

Product Green Design and Management

Product Life Cycle Assessment

LITEON takes inventory for product life cycles by stage through raw materials, production, transportation, use, and disposal according to the ISO 14040/44 standards. Meanwhile, LITEON follows the IEC62430 standard and builds environmentally conscious design into the product development process. Quantitative carbon emission analysis is performed on the ITRI domestic life cycle assessment software and database, DoItPro Version 2020.0003.


2020 Green Design Achievements and Benefits

LITEON offers a wide range of products, including power supply, optoelectronics parts, automotive electronics, computer peripherals, and network communication. To make more energy efficient products and reduce their impact on the environment, LITEON performs green product design assessments based on life cycles, and evaluates environmental benefits in different stages, such as materials, production, transportation, use, and disposal. Meanwhile, the continuous development and application of sustainable Styrofoam marine waste and the reduction of packaging volume, material, and weight and reuse of materials are two of the ways to achieve the vision of manufacturing products with zero toxins, zero waste, and zero environmental impact.

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Green Mark and Environmental Declarations of Product

Green mark product certification

Green Mark are labels awarded by governments to products of which the type and specifications are established in compliance with ISO 14024 and which have been certified by a third party to be compliant with or exceed the regulatory requirements for the corresponding product type and specifications. Taiwan's EPA Green Mark, for example, is awarded to quality products ranked in the top 20% to 30% among their peers in terms of environmental performance. Other Green Mark follow similar rules. Given most LITEON products are ODM or OEM products, most Type I label applications are made on behalf of brand name clients. Applications made for LITEON itself are listed as follows.

Product carbon footprint declaration

LITEON, in fulfillment of its green product commitment, gives customers complete environmental details on the company's products. For key products, LITEON took the initiative to complete carbon footprint. Inventory taking and quantitative methods followed the full life cycle assessment under ISO 14067:2018. In particular, A01 automotive LED modules had been certified by a third party, while desktop keyboards and laptop keyboards were assessed in house. The results are as follows.


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