Employee relations

To facilitate cordial labor management relations, LITEON takes an active approach to listening to its employees and making a range of two-way communication channels available. Regular department meetings and a strictly confidential complaint channel form a comprehensive communication platform that ensures instant, transparent, and undisrupted communication between the company and its employees and protects the rights of each and every employee.



To ensure all employees have instant access to and knowledge of the company and the Employee Welfare Committee, LITE-ON has created the "HR Portal" and the "LITE-ON Homestead". The "HR Portal" provides complete details on the company's rules and regulations as well as important announcements in order to enable employees to receive important information from the company in a timely manner. Meanwhile, the LITE-ON Homestead provides information on the benefits and subsidies offered by the Employee Welfare Committee in the current year as well as the rules and other special offers. The platform informs employees of the rights and benefits to which they are entitled. In addition, the LITE-ON Homestead contains an "Opinion Mailbox" that accepts suggestions and questions from employees and provides the necessary assistance and answers.

Two-way communication meeting

Every business unit at LITE-ON is required to conduct monthly management meetings and organize two-way communication meetings with employees on a regular basis. In addition to facilitating announcements of important news and business targets from the business units, these meetings enable management to communicate directly with employees regarding the company's vision and culture and hence develop common goals. Employees may also use this opportunity to provide feedback and suggestions, and hence maintain good employee relations. Furthermore, LITE-ON invites suggestions from employees, and presents said suggestions regularly in employer-employee meetings and to the union in order to improve employer-employee relations and protect employee rights.

Sexual harassment prevention in workplace

LITE-ON prohibits all kinds of sexual harassment and discrimination within the workplace. The company has established related guidelines and policies, such as the Regulations for Establishing Measures of Prevention, Correction, Complaint and Punishment of Sexual Harassment and the Employee Moral Guidelines. LITE-ON has also setup e-mail mailboxes and hotlines. There are strict confidentiality rules in place to protect the complainant's identity. All 4 sexual harassment complaints received in 2019 had been closed. There were no sexual harassment complaints in overseas offices. Furthermore, to ensure all employees have an understanding of sexual harassment in the workplace and know their rights and how to respond and seek help, the internal training platform, the Learning Center, provides a scenario-based online course, "Say No to Sexual Harassment and Create a Better Workplace" for all employees. In addition, all new hires are required to complete the course. Meanwhile, in China, Thailand, and Vietnam, LITE-ON also uses orientation training to raise awareness and educate new hires on the company's rules and measures regarding human rights and sexual harassment prevention.

Employee satisfaction/engagement survey
LITE-ON conducts all employee satisfaction surveys in the form of an online survey or a dedicated printed survey. The industry and geographic conditions at the overseas plants vary from plant to plant. Survey results are sent to the management and the departments to provide a basis for service improvement and other improvements.

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Labor Unions

Each LITE-ON’s major plant in Taiwan and overseas is equipped with a union, of which 59.25% of the workers are union members. Union representatives are elected by employees, and represent the employees in regular engagement with the management. Meanwhile, the unions gather information, call regular meetings, discuss counter measures, and direct union activities, such as group travel and employee care programs. The unions also work to protect the rights of employees and maintain a stable employer-employee relationship.

Percentage of union membership

2017 2018 2019 2020
66.9% 64.64% 59.29% 59.25%

➤ For more information on employee welfare measures, please see Human Resources section LOHAS at LITEON

Protection of Interests of Employment

To ensure protection of employees’ interest, LITE-ON set up all of the relevant policies in accordance with the regulations and laws:

Lawful hiring practices

LITE-ON complies strictly with employment regulations by prohibiting the use of child labor aged below 15; meanwhile, employees aged below 18 are not allowed to perform dangerous work. All changes to terms of employment have been duly notified as required by law.

Fair performance assessment

LITE-ON designs performance management with the aim to improve performance of individual employees and the organization as a whole. The company has instituted two-way communication and implemented an employee development plan. Performance assessments are fair and reasonable, so that assessment results can provide a basis for promotion, salary increments, remuneration, and employee training. If an employee is not competent to perform his or her work, LITE-ON will provide counseling or transfer the employee to a suitable position or affiliated enterprise. If the employee still fails to fulfill the terms of the employer-employee relationship, the company will give the appropriate notice* and terminate the employee's contract with severance pay in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. The company will also provide relevant proof and documents required by law in order to facilitate the application for unemployment benefits or professional training grants for the employee and to protect the employee's employment rights.
The minimum notice periods for plants in Taiwan governed by the Labor Standards Act are as follows:

  1. Those who have been in employment for three months or more but less than one year should be given a ten-day notice.

  2. Those who have been in employment for one year or more but less than three years should be given a twenty-day notice.

  3. Those who have been in employment for three years or more should be given a thirty-day notice.

Executive managers

In order to strengthen corporate governance, the performance indicators of executive managers were revised as shown in the table below after the Compensation Committee resolution approved by the Board of Directors in 2020.


Performance review of indirect labor


Performance review of direct labor
There is a direct link between performance of direct labor and the company's production performance. Therefore, for those in direct labor, the plants follow a monthly bonus system based on product characteristics. Employees are rewarded according to performance. Employees' overall performance will be scored in the annual performance review at the end of each year.

New hire review
When a new employee reaches the end of his/her trial period, the manager should conduct an interview and assessment regarding the employee's performance during the trial period. For those who fail to pass the review, the company may terminate the employment contract as permitted by law or, by mutual consent, extend the trial period. The extension should not exceed the original trial period.

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