Raymond Soong
Chairman of LITEON Group

Raymond Soong, Chairman of LITEON Group, is the pioneer of Taiwan's optoelectronic technology industry. He founded Taiwan's first LED company - LITEON Electronics in 1975. During over 40 years of development, LITEON Group's diversified product offering includes optical disk drives, printers, computers, mobile phone keypads and image sensing machines ranked Taiwan's first, while power supplies, scanners, camera modules are also the world's top three in terms of market share.


In 2002, Mr. Soong set a precedent in Taiwan by merging four listed companies into the LITEON Group. This move laid down the foundation for the Group's leading position in global electronics, information and communication technology industries. In 2014, the company completed its “One-LITEON” initiative program that reorganized nine of its subsidiaries under one management in order to simplify the organization, strengthen the financial and operational structure, and move forward to a sustainable century enterprise.


“Absolute global No.1”is Mr. Soong's business growth strategy. Every time when entering into a new field, LITEON always cultivates the business with careful thought, bold investment and full development. LITEON therefore expands in success and is able to offer numerous products winning world's top 3 market position, such as power management, camera modules, storage devices, computer keyboard and mouse, video products and optical coupler, laptop wireless module, computer and server chassis, and so on. In addition, notebook computer power supply, contact image sensor produced by LITEON Semi and mobile phone key pad by Silitech where their market share are also in the world's first position. LITEON Semi and Silitech are subsidiaries of LITEON Group.


Under Mr. Soong's leadership, LITEON Group is also committed to corporate social responsibilities— operating LITEON Cultural Foundation and the world's largest Chinese innovation competition - LITEON Award to achieve the vision of social inclusion and taking the responsibility of environment sustainability as part of corporate value and culture.

• Bachelor of Electronic Engineering, Taipei College of Technology


• Chief Engineer, Texas Instruments Taiwan Ltd.
• Chairman & Founder of Lite-On Group and Lite-On Cultural Foundation
• Member of Board of Councilors, the Doctorate College of Technology, South California (USC)


• Fellow, Industrial Technology Research Institution
• Honorary PhD in Management, National Chiao Tung University 
• Honorary PhD in Management, National Taipei University of Technology

Tom Soong
Chairman of LITEON Technology

Tom Soong has been elected Chairman of LITEON Technology since July 30th, 2020 and named Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) since June 22nd, 2021.


Tom Soong has joined LITEON Technology over 20 years. He served as Sales Manager of LITEON U.S. subsidiary and then General Manager of China Bridge Express Trading Co., Ltd., where he played a key role in expanding China markets for LITEON Technology products and achieved steady growth successfully. Following, Mr. Soong served as General Manager of LITEON Networking Access Business Unit and Mechanical Competence Business Group. Afterwards, he was named as CEO of New Mechanical Competence Business Group, CEO of Smart Life and Applications Business Group and General Manager of Shanghai Operational Center, obtaining wealth of experiences in Networking and Smart Technology fields. Since October 2019, he has served as Special Assistant to LITEON Chairman and Vice Chairman, participating in the operation and management of the Company and furthermore assisting in the management of headquarters’ functional departments and business groups.


To strengthen LITEON's sustainable competitiveness, Mr. Soong concurrently serves as CSO of LITEON Technology responsible for managing corporate sustainability strategies and goals in economic, environmental, and social aspects of the business, creating stronger operations, improving corporate governance, and shaping LITEON's sustainability culture. Mr. Soong, with a distinct focus on brand value enhancement and more meritorious product and service offerings, has driven resource integration at LITEON Technology in recent years and led the team to think out-of-box and create new momentum to the Company by innovation. Prior to joining LITEON, Mr. Soong spent careers in semiconductor and venture capital fields.

• International Business Program Attendance, NTU-FUDAN EMBA

• Electrical Engineering, University of South California, USA


• Special Assistant to Chairman& Vice Chairman, LITEON

• CEO, LITEON Smart Life and Applications Business Group

• General Manager, LITEON Shanghai Operational Center

• CEO, LITEON New Mechanical Competence Business Group

• General Manager, LITEON Mechanical Competence Business Group

• General Manager, LITEON Networking Access Business Unit

• General Manager, China Bridge Express Trading Co., Ltd.,



• Young Entrepreneurs Group of Third Wednesday Club (San San YEG)

• YPO WPO – Sea Dragon Chapter


Warren Chen
Vice Chairman of LITEON Group

Mr. Warren Chen has been member of the Board of LITEON Technology since 2002 and was promoted to President of LITEON Group in 2010. He was named Vice Chairman and Group CEO of LITEON Technology since 2014 and stepped down on July 31st 2020. Mr. Warren Chen currently is the Vice Chairman of LITEON Group and one of the Board members of LITEON Technology.


With the Bachelor degree of Chemical Engineering of Chinese Culture University, Mr. Warren Chen has approximately 40 years’ profound management experiences in electronic industry. Before joining the LITEON Group, he worked as Manufacturing Super-intendant for Texas Instruments (TI) Taiwan. His multiple posts before becoming the Group CEO of LITEON Group include being the Production Manager, Lamp Operation Manager of Taiwan LITEON Electronics Inc. and Senior Vice President of LITEON Inc. (USA), and President of Taiwan LITEON Electronics Inc. from 1992 to 2000, the Deputy CEO of LITEON Technology Corp. from 2000 to 2006, and the Group Deputy CEO of LITEON Group from 2006 to 2010. Mr. Warren Chen was promoted to President of LITEON Group in 2010 and concurrently served as CEO of LITEON Technology since 2012. He was named Vice Chairman and Group CEO of LITEON Technology since 2014 and initiated the “One LITEON” project, merging nine subsidiaries into one.


Mr. Warren Chen has fully dedicated to LITEON Group over these years with his profound experience in the global supply chain and clientele management. Mr. Warren Chen has made great contributions to further enhancing the company's operation efficiency, applying group resources to higher productive uses, and providing clients and end consumers with value-added and superior integrated products and services, as well as shareholders' value.


• Chemical Engineering, Chinese Culture University



•Manufacturing Super-Intendant, Texas Instrument
•President, LITEON Electronic Co.
•Deputy CEO of LITEON Group and LITEON Technology Co.
•Deputy CEO of LITEON Group and CEO of LITEON IT Co.
•President of LITEON Group and CEO of LITEON Technology Co.

•Vice Chairman and Group CEO of LITEON Group

•Vice Chairman of LITEON Group and Corp. Director of LITEON Technology Co.


• National Management Excellence – CEO by Chinese Professional Management Association in 1995
• National Distinguished Accomplishment Award , 2016

Anson Chiu
President of LITEON Technology

Anson Chiu has been appointed as President of LITEON Technology since August 1st, 2020.


Anson Chiu joined LITEON Technology in 1987. He has accumulated extensive experiences and expertise over three decades in the global supply chain management and business development of the electronic industry. He served as Head of Procurement and PC/NB Business Unit in Power Conversion Business Group. While working in US subsidiary of LITEON, he was accountable for the Cloud computing business and made a big breakthrough in winning the projects from top US clients. Mr. Chiu was appointed General Manager of LITEON Power Conversion Business Group in 2016, promoted to CEO of LITEON Power Conversion Business Group in 2018 till now and given the added responsibility of overseeing Internet of Things Business Unit in 2020.


Mr. Chiu possesses solid operational experiences in the electronic industry and is proficient in building the overall competitiveness of the supply chain management and strengthening customer relationships. He has demonstrated leadership and effective management to the success of Power Conversion Business Group.

Bachelor of Industrial Management, Lunghwa University of Science and Technology


• CEO, LITE-ON Technology Power Conversion Business Group

• General Manager, LITEON Technology Power Conversion Business Group

• Director, NB Business Unit, LITEON Technology Power Conversion Business Group