Labor Index

Employee Structure and Distribution

As at the end of 2019, LITE-ON had 38,676 employees worldwide; 56.3% of whom were male and 43.7% were female. There were 4,640 employees in Taiwan, while the remaining were located throughout Mainland China and other overseas including Thailand, Mexico, Brazil, Vietnam, Singapore, Europe and USA etc.). 97% of employees were in Asia.

A total of 3,873 dispatched manpower were employed, accounting for approximately 9% of the total workforce. Considering the employment of direct labor in mainland China, dispatched manpower is not included in the report.
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☛ For our employee structure information over the years, please see Overview of LITE-ON’s Employee Structure and Distribution

Employee Retention

LITE-ON offers a comprehensive range of training courses and compensation and benefits to encourage employees pursue self improvement and achieve career growth. Job descriptions given during interviews will remain consistent after recruits report for work. Managers and human resources officers will also try to reduce new hire turnover by interviewing new employees to find out how they are settling into their positions. New employees will be given assistance in the form of education and training to help them fit into the corporate environment. When an employee submits a resignation, the human resources department will conduct an interview and analyze key factors in retention and resignation in order to improve the retention rate.

In terms of compensation packages, LITE-ON has designed regular compensation reviews to ensure the company is able to retain talent while ensuring all employees receive above-average compensation. LITE-ON also encourages individual departments to implement reward programs to boost morale and improve business performance, effectively creating a win-win situation. In terms of justifying CEO compensation, the average pay ratio of top manager(CEO) to other employees is 26,045% in 2019. for comprehensive top manager and median salary please see chart below and go to Talent Attraction and Retention :


In terms of talent management strategies, LITE-ON has implemented a human resources management blueprint and an education and training system to provide courses on core management competencies and essential professional skills. These programs are intended to broaden the horizon for employees, enhance management knowledge and skills for managers, develop a common management language, create a healthy corporate culture, and lay the foundation for sustainable development.

Employee Turnover Rate

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Employee Recruitment

LITE-ON utilizes a broad variety of means to recruit top talents to support its operating strategies, and in return provides them with promising career paths. Some of the company's recruitment channels include collaborative programs with universities and colleges, summer internships (in Taiwan), the government's employment promotion programs, and R&D substitute service candidates.


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