Community Counseling Group

Community Assistance and holistic services

The community volunteers created Community Assistance in 1998 to provide Total Solutions. The model proceeds along a specific path, family-school-community, and provides holistic services that systematically solve problems and eradicate the causes at the same time. The program encourages volunteers to spread "love within the community" and help teachers reach out to high risk children who need extra attention and their families. Children are taught how to develop self confidence in a healthy learning environment for body and mind. Furthermore, the program facilitates achievement of an ideal society, builds strong ties in the community, and promotes civic education in order to apply the community assistance model and create holistic services on a friendly campus and bring stability to society.

Actions and results

A total of 200,000 participants have joined the LITE-ON Community Assistance family for holistic services over the last 20 years, making the program one of the best points of entry for businesses to be involved in the community.。

Future strategies and goals

Loving and being loved can be equally moving. Both faith and hope are rooted in love. For twenty years, Community Assistance has seen many issues appear as the society changes, such as low birth rate, aging society, and extreme weather. Hence, it proposes that the most beautiful and most unique value in the age of artificial intelligence will be the ability to appreciate art. Food education, ecological psychology, and art and culture services provide the means to encourage more people to practice the philosophy and regain their mental balance. The foundation will try to find meaning and ways for humans to coexist with nature, and keep its promise to lead the way to protecting both the planet and mankind's peace of mind.

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