Community Counseling Group


The community volunteers created Community Assistance in 1998 to provide Total Solutions. Community assistance proceeds along a specific path: family-school-community. Volunteers are encouraged to get involved and "spread love in the community" by assisting school teachers in reaching out to high risk children who need extra attention and their families and helping children develop self confidence in a healthy environment.

2019 Results


Highlights of 2019

  • "Stories of EQ and SQ" community volunteer empowerment training
    15 enhancement lessons attended by 4,696 from 24 schools attended in the first semester and 4,786 from 24 schools in the second semester.

  • One big family: "2019 Blue COP - SQ on Love and Empathy"

    Summer camps were offered again at Neihu, Zhonghe, and Hsinchu plants, and received 77 participants in total. The learning experience in social intelligence enabled participants to be more in touch with life and their own surroundings. Participants also learned to extend the love for their own lives to a love for others on this planet. The experience was designed to raise awareness of nature and its limited resources while exposing participants to arts and culture.

  • 2019 "Oh ocean! My home" exhibit
    LITE-ON and National Taiwan Science Education Center held the "Oh ocean! My home" exhibit at the LITE-ON Building and Wenhua Elementary School in Danshui, Renai Elementary School in Luzhou, Datong Elementary School in Shulin, and Sintai Elementary School in Xinzhuang between July 8 and December 27, 2019. The exhibit was designed to convey the ideas of marine conservation and plastic reduction to schools. It received 5,645 visitors in total.


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Future strategies and goals

Science has proven that sunlight can inhibit serotonin re-uptake in the synaptic cleft, thereby making serotonin Scientists estimate that waste in the ocean may outweigh fish by 2050. Most plastics will not decompose and will continue to exist for hundreds or even thousands of years. It is hoped that the seasons, ecopsychology, food education, and arts and culture will provide the media to encourage participants to make the commitment to reduce plastics and other waste at the source and join the effort to stay healthy and save the environment.


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