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Smart Connecting Solutions for Home & Security

We are committed to providing diverse smart service solutions that are intelligent, convenient, healthy, cost saving and human-centered. These solutions cover fields like smart control, energy management, security, automation, and tracking. LITE-ON not only provides hardware design service, but also provides integration service for device software, APP, and application cloud. Our target is become customer’s best partner on smart home and home security.

Advanced Manufacturing

We provide professional manufacturing technologies and implement high degree of vertical integration. From the manufacturing service of finished commercial to consumer products, we introduce the automated lean intelligent production.

Smart control solution

LITE-ON smart control solution supports multiple wireless network regulations and make an easier and a more stable connection among the smart network via excellent coexistence technology under multiple wireless regulations. Through the integration with cloud technology, users can connect, monitor, and control sensors, controllers, and power switches in smart home. Our main products cover smart gateway, smart control center and smart speaker products.

Security solution

LITE-ON security solution provides secure and comprehensive monitoring services including video surveillance, open/close detection of door/window, human motion detection, light or voice alarm, air detection and the notification to the related people or agencies. Our main products cover the doorbell camera, battery camera, smart door lock, motion sensor, open/close sensor, siren, key fob, gas detector and CO detector.

Energy management solution

LITE-ON energy management solution including power management and lighting management, it enables users to control easily through the portable smart devices such as the mobile phone or tablet. It also offers users the statistical analysis of energy consumption for related electrical products to enable users to conveniently achieve energy and cost saving through LITE-ON energy management products. Users also can connect through the smart device and control via the gateway or cloud wherever they are. Our main products cover the smart socket, embedded smart socket, power meter, lighting driver, light control device and dimmer.

Automation solution

LITE-ON automation solution integrates the smart control solution and other smart devices, provide a convenience life/work styles like lighting control intelligently base on the occupancy status or user’s habit. It also provides the various cross operations between kinds of devices likes appliance, smart curtain, power control device, lighting control device, air detector, doorbell, door lock, smart phone/tablet, and other smart devices. User can have better user experience and productivity through LITE-ON automation solution.

Tracker Solution

LITE-ON develops vertical application of tracking for people, pet, home use, logistics and telecom industry. The trackers can be applied to indoor and outdoor positioning. The company also have in-house LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) wireless communication modules available to implement in the application.