Social Inclusion Policy and Achievement

Social Inclusion Policy

A multicultural, caring, creative, and sustainable society is set as LITE-ON’s vision of social inclusion.

LITE-ON has long committed to social inclusion with the goal of "giving back what is taken from society," especially given escalating problems in society. These problems include new immigrant involving into the society, upbringing of younger generation, shortage of life-long educational resources, lack of creative talent, and increasingly serious environmental and ecological issues. LITE-ON's efforts have focused on building a society full of multi-culture, education, creativity, and environmental sustainability. In order to achieve this social vision, the company has identified four critical missions: advancing cultural diversity in quality of humanism, promoting care of youth and children education and life-long learning, nurturing creative and professional talent, and developing sustainable product and environmentally friendly education. Accomplishment of the above missions depends on how we execute our concrete strategy. Some of the projects undertaken have included: a community assistance program, community college, LITE-ON Award, educational support, a corporate volunteer system, and sustainable product designs. The above strategies were executed mainly through the following actions:

  • Volunteer training (for multi-culture and community volunteer programs)
  • Care services for youth and children
  • English and after-school teaching at remote elementary schools; after-school counseling for disadvantaged students; counseling for the physically/mentally disabled; environmental protection activities
  • Adult education (including disabled and disadvantaged people); provision of life-long learning platform and green courses
  • Encouraging creative technical designers and integrating into technology incubation programs
  • Industry-academia collaboration—combining theory and practice
  • Development of clean, energy-saving, and smart healthcare equipment
  • Building the LITE-ON Volunteer System in four areas: community service, talent development, environmental sustainability, and charity & sponsorship
  • Development of recycling and reuse of marine waste, initiatives for sustainable use of marine resources, marine environmental education and ecosystem conservation activities
  • Helping minority groups and social welfare organizations through innovative social design and green energy charity projects


Corporate Citizenship Strategy

Topic SDG alighmentMission Vision Subject Impact
Multiple culture Facilitate multi-culture humanities
  • Connect civil society
  • Promote multilateral cooperation

  • Government department,
  • Civil society organization,
  • Educational institution

  • Industry-Government-Academia collaboration
  • Finance community construction & development
  • Provide humanity technical support
  • Assist local culture revival
  • Cultivate environmental citizenship concept
  • Nurture good social atmosphere
Education care
    Provide children caring education and life-long learning service

  • Strengthen social service system
  • Advance holistic education

  • Civil society organization,

  • Social welfare organization,
  • Educational institution,
  • Underprivileged family

  • Improve education resource allocation
  • Support rural underprivileged group
  • Achieve industry-academia social service
  • Create educational supporting network
  • Establish educational volunteer system

Creative power Cultivate creative design professions

  • Cultivate innovative power in Taiwan tech industry

  • Higher education,

  • Customer company,
  • Related enterprises

  • Establish highest design award

  • Discover innovative design talents Make connection with stakeholders
Sustainable environment

  • Develop sustainable products and environmental conservation

  • Create ecology of mutualism

  • Protect sustainable resource

  • Social enterprise,

  • Government department,
  • Environmental organization,
  • Civil society organization,
  • Educational institution

  • Support environmental social enterprise

  • Assist government environmental department
  • Solve ecological dilemma
  • Practice sea waste circular economy
  • Cooperate with environmental organization
  • Organize multi-area environmental education
  • Establish environmental volunteer system

2019 Achievement

Topic SDG alignmentDescription Business benefit KPI Social / Environmental benefit KPI
Multiple culture
  • Community support
  • Community caring
  • Charitable donation

  • United employees’ force to reach 17,567 volunteer hours

  • Enhancde corporate image and implement 66 public welfare actions

  • Assisted more than 45 organizations in industry, government, academia, and folk

Education caring

  • Rural volunteering education
  • Underprivileged student tutoring

  • United employees’ force to reach 2,177 volunteer hours

  • Enhancde corporate image and implement 15 public welfare actions

  • Mobilized community volunteer to reach 131,021 volunteer hours

  • Supported underprivileged students to reach 3,500 people

Creative power

  • LITE-ON Innovation Award
  • Industry-Academia collaboration

  • Hired 101 potential talents from universities

  • Collaborated with 2 suppliers

  • Collected 1,142 innovative design works

  • Invited 2,282 innovative design talents

Sustainable environment

  • Charitable green power

  • United employees’ force to reach 2,148 volunteer hours

  • Enhanced corporate image with more than 25 media reports

  • Assisted 2 environmental social enterprise

  • Assisted 2 environmental social enterprise
  • Held 16 environmental charitable events
  • Cleaned up 10460 kg sea waste
  • Cooperated with 60 related external groups

Social Contributions Input Statistics

▶ Project type analysis

unit: percentage of total costs

2016 2017 2018 2019
  • Charitable Donations
  • 1.24 1.361.6513.98
  • Community Investments
  • 29.6827.8420.887.23
  • Commercial Initiatives
  • 69.08 70.877.4778.79


    ▶ Expenditure analysis

    unit: total amount (NTD)

    2016 2017 2018 2019
  • Cash contributions
  • 62,932,228 65,040,00019,743,04832,557,707
    • Time: employee volunteering during paid working hours
    42,847,000 42,847,0001,074,7743,410,093
    • In-kind giving: product or services donations, projects/partnerships or similar
    4,928,109,025 4,619,686,54334,884,82615,076,912
  • Management overheads
  • 1,434,109,025 1,238,087,6939,899,6375,675,424

    Future Strategies and Goals


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