Board of Directors

The company's directors are elected according to its "Rules of Governing the Election of Directors," where candidates are nominated based on the system stipulated in Article 192-1 of the Company Act. The company is required by law to announce before the book closure date of its annual general meeting the period of directors' (including independent directors) nomination (no less than 10 days) and the number of directors (including independent directors) to be elected. The list of director candidates (including independent directors) needs to be reviewed by the board to make sure that all candidates are qualified (including independent directors) before the election commences during the annual general meeting.

The board consists of 9 members; all of whom are elected by shareholders. Board members currently include one Chairman, two institutional investor and four independent directors:


Updated by Dec 31, 2018


Updated by June 21, 2019

Board members' backgrounds, education, concurrent roles at other companies etc and functioning of the board of directors as well as various functional committees have already been disclosed in the company's annual report. In response to the world's rising awareness towards corporate governance and CSR issues, the company has taken the approach to encourage directors' ongoing education. Details regarding directors' ongoing education have been published onto the Market Observation Post System and the Investors Section of our website, where annual reports are also available.