Internal Audit

The internal audit is an independent sector directly under board of directors. In addition to the regular board and committee meeting, necessary information need to be immediately notified to the audit committee members, chairman and Group CEO immediately in order to implement the sprit of corporative governance.

The internal audit sets the rules regarding the standard internal operating procedure, and reports to the company whether the control design and work practices are appropriate so as to achieve the purpose of internal control system, moreover, Internal control institution and the scope of each audit are ranging from all operations of the company to its subsidiaries.

Audit work is planned based on the risks that have been identified. Through the agreement of its board of directors, internal audit will provide information to managers concerning the existing risks and potential risks. Moreover, internal audit will regularly submit audit reports to the audit committee for review.

The company deploys fulltime independent and professional auditors to monitor the standard operating procedure. On the other hand, its own listed subsidiaries also have their own independent auditors under the supervision of internal audit.