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Spread LITEON Power and Influence to the Industry

LITEON continues to pay close attention to public policies and has long maintained a politically neutral standpoint. In 2021, there was no contribution made in regard to lobbying or supporting/objecting to any political campaign.

In order to reinforce the integrity, we formulate the Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles to state explicitly in the ethical corporate management best practice principles prohibition of offering or taking of bribes; offering of illegal political donations, inappropriate sponsorship or charity donations, and improper gifts, treatments, or other unjustified benefits; infringement of intellectual property rights; and unfair competition as well as prevention measures and procedures that prevent products or services from causing damages to stakeholders.

As a corporate citizen of the globe and top 2 power supplier, LITEON hopes to spread the power and influence to make the whole industry better. Through participating in trade associations, LITEON can contribute our core competence and exchange the experience for leading partners to facilitate sustainability together.

LITEON is an active supporter of business associations and trade organizations and promotes the adoption of international standards in the industry. Through the Taiwan Optoelectronic Semiconductor Industry Association (TOSIA), we not only consult on policies relevant to the industry, but also play an active role in establishing standards and guidelines. The "Smart Optoelectronic Semiconductor Sensor" and "LED Lighting Southbound Chain" task forces were created to promote participation in trade conferences and introduce a global perspective into the industry. Collaboration with outside parties has shown significantly improved results.

As one of the founders of the Taiwan IoT Technology and Industry Association, LITEON brings together the knowledge and the technology in Taiwan's electronics industry to create industry know-how communities. Members include representatives of the Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Association, Sinocon Foundation, Taipei Computer Association, Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association, LITEON Group, Inventec Group, Delta Electronics, Kinpo Electronics, MiTAC Information Technology, Syscom Group, ASUS Cloud, and Etron Technology. These representatives of the industry join the associations to share professional skills and work together to improve Taiwan's core competencies in IoT related emerging industries.

Regarding the government, we took advantage of our role as a member of the Taiwan Telematics Industry Association and assisted the government in accelerating the implementation of regulations and standards regarding V2X, fleet tracking and management, and ADAS/DMS for commercial vehicles. Data exchange standards, privacy protection and data security, and network security standards were implemented in order to stay aligned with worldwide trends. We have taken further steps in working more closely with organizations in China, Northeast Asia, and Southeast Asia to match local businesses and explore international opportunities. In the hope of promoting our green products using sustainble materials, LITEON went on to sponsor the Penghu County Government and the Kinmen County Government in getting the world's first containers that could be processed on site and significantly reduce the transportation volume of styrofoam marine waste in 2020.

To continue to strengthen stakeholder engagement, LITEON compiles data on its sponsorships for associations and organizations. Information regarding the effort LITEON has made to influence public policy, and associations and organizations of which we are a member, please see 2021 Expense of Participating Public Association.

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