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Image and Video Solution

LITE-ON Technology has developed image technology products for almost 20 years and is a mass producer of wide angle camera modules and 3D camera modules. LITE-ON has custom designed and manufactured hundreds of phone camera modules. Our fully automated production provides outstanding product quality and stability.

Advanced Product

LITE-ON Technology started manufacturing one megapixel camera modules in 2004, two megapixel camera modules in 2005, and three megapixel camera modules and auto focus camera modules in 2006. New products are rapidly developed and quickly implemented, making Lite-On Technology an industry leader.

Superior Quality and Stability

LITE-ON Technology utilizes fully automated production for outstanding product quality and stability. Automated production includes assembly, adjustment, and testing. Each production process is closely monitored and audited by the world's leading quality control system, providing camera modules of the highest quality.

Speedy Production, Short Delivery Period, High Flexibility

LITE-ON Technology's strong R&D team has hundreds of outstanding engineers. Project teams are set up to handle each project. The ODM design period is short, and sample delivery is fast. Advanced e-procurement and material management systems are used to set up a solid supply chain team, ensuring that production and delivery periods are short and highly flexible.

Outstanding Services

Customer Service Managers and Project Managers are assigned to lead the project teams for each individual project. Engineers are assigned to work on-site with the customer’s R&D team throughout the product development cycle, ensuring smooth production.