As a leading company in Taiwan’s technology industry, LITE-ON Technology is devoted to creating value and to lead the way for new development. LITE-ON's key to cutting edge technology is research and development. LITE-ON Technology has set up an R&D center to develop, merge and absorb new technologies and designs. This is essential for LITE-ON Technology to become a top-tier leading supplier in global Opto-Electronic components industry. LITE-ON's R&D center integrates the company's existing technology platforms and implements automated procedures to improve R&D efficiency and shorten the development cycle. LITE-OnN also participates in major projects launched by industrial, governmental or academic organizations to enhance innovation capabilities.


LITE-ON works with universities and colleges to nurture talent. In addition, LITE-ON is aggressively developing its industrial design capability, and has received recognition through design awards that include IDEA (USA), iF and Red Dot (Germany) . LITE-ON's Innovation and Design Center has been ranked No. 2 in the Red Dot Design Ranking 2012 as one of the most innovative companies in the world.

LITE-ON Technology continues to achieve excellent results, balancing global trends in technology with consumer needs and environmental protection. LITE-ON also develops products with critical technologies through industry-academic cooperation. Intellectual property is a major asset and a competitive advantage, and innovation is one of LITE-ON's core values. By developing and managing intellectual property such as patents, LITE-ON can avoid redundant R&D expenses and reduce costs.


As of today, LITE-ON Technology has acquired over 2,930 patents.