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LITEON Culture & Talent Development Roadmap

We value LITEON Corporate Culture

LITEON corporate culture includes six core principles and three target behaviors,
and it is deeply rooted in the hearts of every LITEON employees.


Six core principles

Three target behaviors

We design our training and development system based on LITEON corporate culture.

We invest in talent development and build a complete training and development system for different groups with alignments with company strategy, vision, values, and LITEON corporate culture, focusing on five major learning areas to develop all-rounded future talents.

The talent development roadmap is centered on LITEON corporate culture

According to the organization's expectations for different levels, we design a unique talent development roadmap based on six core principles and three target behaviors. Throughout the design and planning of our programs, we systematically incorporate LITEON corporate culture.


Learning Organization
LITEON Seminars

LITEON provides diverse and rich seminars, covering various intellectual and soft topics,
our speakers are leading professionals, scholars or experts who offer valuable insights into work-related and life-related topics that motivate and inspire our colleagues.

LITEON Reading

To deepen our colleagues‘ understanding and practice of LITEON’s corporate culture, we have carefully selected books on career planning, self-growth, workplace skills, success stories, and management, which serve as career development guides for LITEON.

LITEON TV and Online Learning Resources

We offer diverse online learning resources to our employees, such as LITEON TV, learning center, CWLC and e-magazines. Our colleagues can freely and flexibly expand their knowledge according to their own needs, without being limited by time and space.

Training Subsidies

To motivate employees to participated in self-learning, we offer a variety of training subsidies, such as professional knowledge and language learning subsidy. We believe that learning should be a fundamental part of every LITEON colleague's DNA, enriching both their personal and professional lives.

Talent Development Program

NBA Camp
NBA Camp
NBA Camp (New Brave Adventurer Camp)

At LITEON, we believe that our people are our most valuable asset. For newcomers who have no previous work experience, we want to assist them in getting familiar with LITEON's corporate culture, values, attitudes, and skills that are prioritized by the company. We aim to help newcomers better integrate into the LITEON family and establish an emotional connection with colleagues at the same level. To achieve this goal, we have developed a three-day NBA Camp training program.

NBA A (NBA A Young Talent Program)

Following the NBA Camp for newcomers, we have launched the NBA A Young Talent Program to further cultivate highly potential elite talents. We select the best-qualified and interested individuals from NBA Camp to join this program. NBA A emphasizes practical workplace skills and applications. Through practical and systematic training, we hope to empower NBA A's talent pool to showcase A+ performance, demonstrate their ambition, courageously explore and pursue challenges, proactively seek career development opportunities.


LITEON utilizes various and strict mechanisms that combine work performance, potential, personality traits, and interviews to select several management-level supervisors from the business unit and Corp. With training focusing on becoming influential leaders, we plan a structural, systematic, and pragmatic talent development project. The training program was implemented through a systematic and diverse training mechanism with the aim of the team members not only taking a lead of themselves, but also expand their influence in internal organization.

EDP (Executive Development Program)

Excellent leaders within a company are equivalent to the competitiveness of the organization. To achieve the short-term operational goals and realize the long-term strategic development and sustainable operation of LITEON, we have planned the EDP program, and at the same time, we focus on the cultivation of strategic power and leadership, and we have adopted a diversified, practical, and experiential development method to enhance the vision and key abilities of LITEON 's high-level leaders.