Prior to LITEON, he had devoted to US-based semiconductor firms and venture capital management. He served as Sales Manager of LITEON U.S. subsidiary and President of China Bridge Express Trading Co., Ltd., where he played a key role in expanding LITEON's product reach in China and successfully achieved steady growth.

He has held various positions in LITEON, including the General Manager of LITEON's Networking Business Unit, General Manager of Mechanical Competence Business Group, CEO of New Mechanical Competence Business Group, CEO of Smart Life Application Solutions Business Group, as well as the General Manager of LITEON Shanghai Operation Center, providing him with a comprehensive background. In October 2019, he transferred to the position of Special Assistant to the Chairman and Vice Chairman, engaging in comprehensive business operations and management, where he assisted to implement LITEON's strategic goals across various business groups and functional units.

To strengthen sustainable development and corporate governance, he has been concurrently serving as LITEON Technology's Chief Sustainability Officer since June 22, 2021. He is in charge of formulating LITEON's corporate social responsibility strategies and goals in terms of environmental, social, and governance aspects. Mr. Soong's leadership style is characterized by encouraging colleagues to act on knowledge and win as a team, which has inspired employees to be more proactive, accountable, and innovative. His inspiration on teamwork opens a new chapter for LITEON's corporate philosophy and core values. Moreover, Mr. Soong is dedicated to talent cultivation, digital transformation, and resource integration, injecting abundant energy into LITEON's innovation engine. Mr. Soong has personally led the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to strengthen the company's resilience and organizational capabilities, as well as to build unique customized solutions based on market demands, continuously elevating LITEON's brand value.

Chairman Soong's human-centric, empowering approach is leading LITEON to embrace future talents with potential by building a young and digitized talent development platform. Chairman Soong encourages colleagues of all levels and positions to have a curious mind and take action to solve problems. He inspires all coworkers to pursue their personal goals while realizing the team's vision.

Under Chairman Soong's leadership, LITEON's corporate traits of easily bonding and partnering with other enterprises has become a solid support for global uncertainties in these rapidly changing times. Chairman Soong does not limit his vision to positive operation performance but rather guides value chain partners to understand and to achieve mutually-beneficial results during the company's growth journey. Having set his sights on zero emissions, Chairman Soong continues to drive the industry's transformation toward a green and sustainable value chain.

  • International Business Program Attendance, NTU-FUDAN EMBA
  • Special Assistant to Chairman& Vice Chairman, LITEON
  • CEO, LITEON Smart Life and Applications Business Group
  • General Manager, LITEON Shanghai Operational Center
  • CEO, LITEON New Mechanical Competence Business Group
  • General Manager, LITEON Mechanical Competence Business Group
  • General Manager, LITEON Networking Access Business Unit
  • General Manager, China Bridge Express Trading Co., Ltd.,
  • Young Entrepreneurs Group of Third Wednesday Club (San San YEG)
  • YPO WPO – Sea Dragon Chapter
Chairman of LITEON Technology
Tom Soong

He has since gained extensive experience and expertise in global supply chain management and business development, spanning over 35 years. His previous positions include Head of Procurement and PC/NB Business Unit in the Power Conversion Business Group. During his tenure in the US subsidiary of LITEON, he was responsible for the cloud computing business and achieved major successes in securing projects from top US clients, expanding the company's business scope into a new market and establishing a solid foundation for growth. After returning to LITEON in Taiwan, Mr. Chiu became the President of the Power Conversion SBG in 2016, and was subsequently promoted to CEO of the Power Conversion SBG in 2018. As LITEON succession plan began on August 1st, 2020, Mr. Chiu was appointed as the President of LITEON Technology, where he joined hands with Mr. Tom Soong, the chairman, leading LITEON to its next chapter.

Persistent with LITEON’s philosophy of being diligent and making every step on solid ground, being backed by his extensive experience in the fields of opto-electronics and power management, Mr. Chiu has led the Company to innovate while being committed to a lean and focused strategy to activate the Company’s dynamic growth. To address the global smart application trends such as cloud computing, 5G, and AIoT, Mr. Chiu is committed to integrating products and technologies across different business groups, building the advantages clustering through collaborating throughout the supply chain, and guiding the R&D to make breakthroughs in critical technologies. This enables the Company to secure a high-profit, high-barrier competitive advantage, thereby achieving competitive strengths and allowing LITEON to enhance overall operational performance and long-term robust growth.

He continues to lead LITEON Technology to secure a world-leading position in terms of power management for cloud computing, automotive electronics, and opto-electronic semiconductor fields through the Company’s core competencies in opto-electronics and power management. Mr. Chiu's efforts in developing smart grids and sound growth drivers have resulted in LITEON Technology's double-figure compound annual growth. Upholding LITEON's business philosophy of "Empowering a Green Future," Mr. Chiu is dedicated to creating more value for employees, partners, customers, and shareholders.

  • Bachelor of Industrial Management, Lunghwa University of Science and Technology
  • CEO, LITE-ON Technology Power Conversion Business Group
  • General Manager, LITEON Technology Power Conversion Business Group
  • Director, NB Business Unit, LITEON Technology Power Conversion Business Group
President of LITEON Technology
Anson Chiu