Clean Mobility, Leading the Way to Sustainability!

In an era where global focus on ecological preservation is intensifying, clean mobility has emerged as a pivotal player in the journey towards sustainable and energy-efficient solutions.

With over four decades of expertise in the automotive electronics industry, LITEON harnesses its core competencies in optoelectronics and power management to pioneer the future of automotive electronics. We are at the forefront of developing industry-leading solutions such as charging stations for electric vehicles.

Moreover, our endeavors extend to vehicle lighting, vision applications, road lighting, and traffic signals. Through the integration of our comprehensive product portfolio and cutting-edge technology, we not only enhance traffic efficiency and safety but also foster a harmonious coexistence between the ecological environment and low-carbon transportation.

At LITEON, we firmly believe that our relentless pursuit of innovative technologies can revolutionize the transportation experience for users and pave the way for a better, more sustainable future for all.

Smarter Traffic Pave the Way for the Future

Smart transportation is a crucial direction for modern transportation development. By harnessing various technological energies, including information technology and Internet of Things (IoT), we can achieve real-time monitoring, data processing, and intelligent decision-making to enhance traffic flow, safety, and efficiency. LITEON has developed an AI traffic signal system that integrates AIoT, artificial intelligence, IoT, and 5G communication technology, elevating urban infrastructure. The AI system accurately assesses countdown seconds, providing road managers, self-driving vehicles, and navigation software with real-time intersection conditions. This contributes to vehicle network development and establishes a comprehensive cloud management system, propelling us toward a smarter city. From the perspective of road users, our high-performance LED signals, equipped with automatic brightness detection, address market issues such as missing corners, flashing, and inconsistent brightness in one comprehensive solution.

Revolutionary Electrification
Smart Traffic