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LEOTEK is a subsidiary of the LITEON Technology Group, operating dual headquarters in Silicon Valley, USA, and Taipei. As the leading provider of intelligent traffic signals and road lighting services in North America, it has been serving road infrastructure in over 30 countries, including North America, Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific region, for more than 30 years since 1992. LightLin Intelligent is dedicated to providing solutions for intelligent road automation, integrating AI and IoT for operational warning services. With a focus on safety, ecology, and low carbon impact, it strives to drive the transformation of cities towards intelligent, clean, and zero-net solutions.

● Optimal Lighting: Quality LED for best illumination.
● Heat Dissipation: Advanced technology for uniform dispersion and eco-friendliness.
● Urban Aesthetics: Merging lighting needs with minimalist design for architectural harmony.
● Eco-Sustainability: Innovating to minimize environmental impact, ensuring harmony with Earth.

Continuously Innovating Smart Cities

We focus on urban infrastructure long-term, innovating flexibly to offer contemporary outdoor lighting solutions.

  • Green, low-carbon homes

    Green, low-carbon homes

  • Urban IoT & smart coordination

    Urban IoT & smart coordination

  • User-focused smart intuition

    User-focused smart intuition

  • Safe commuting & efficient lighting

    Safe commuting & efficient lighting

  • Stable quality

    Stable quality

  • Flexible integration

    Flexible integration

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High-Efficiency Smart Streetlights

Area-Specific Illumination

Ecological Smart Lighting

High-Efficiency Smart Streetlights
Area-Specific Illumination
Ecological Smart Lighting
High-Efficiency Smart Streetlights

Featuring high-performance LED chips and a sleek aesthetic design tailored to user needs, our products offer optimal illumination. Compliant with local regulations, they meet the highest standards to ensure efficient lighting output.

Area-Specific Illumination

Utilizing the latest LED technology, our products combine scalable casing design with outstanding optical performance. We offer a variety of lumen values, color temperatures, and light distribution options, making them suitable for any urban or town street and area lighting applications.

Ecological Smart Lighting

Pioneering a biocentric approach and considering the local road environment, we utilize the biological visual spectrum to minimize the impact of light sources on biodiversity. We have developed patented optical filter hoods to create a lighting solution that is environmentally conscious.

LEOTEK Human-Centric Smart Lighting System
LEOTEK Human-Centric Smart Lighting System

LEOTEK Human-Centric Lighting Smart Streetlight System has been honored with the 2022 Edison Award, standing out in the smart transportation solutions market. Its innovative optical technology significantly reduces glare on rainy days, enhancing the visual comfort of pedestrians and marking an important milestone in the optical field and the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) market.

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Human-Centric Smart Street Lighting System
Winner of the 2022 Edison Gold Award
Ecologically Friendly Smart Lighting
Winner of the 2022 Edison Bronze Award
Winner of the 2022 Taiwan Excellence award for
Human-Centric Smart Street Lighting
Winner of the 2022 Taiwan Excellence award for
Dynamic Smart Lighting System
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