Mr. Raymond Soong, a pioneer of Taiwan’s opto-electronics industry

Mr. Raymond Soong, a pioneer of Taiwan’s opto-electronics industry, a key figure craving the path of core opto-electronic and critical electronics component developments, and a man who has unique vision in devising advanced applications of technology. Mr. Raymond Soong founded LITEON Technology in 1975, which set the trend for Taiwan’s in-house LED R&D and production, and LITEON Technology later became Taiwan’s first listed electronics company in 1983. Leading LITEON for almost half a century, Soong’s humbleness and discipline nurtured LITEON’s unique corporate culture of diligence and reliability. Coming a long way since its humble beginnings, Taiwan, known as a high-tech island, now plays the key role in global supply chain. LITEON stands with Taiwan from the garage startup, continuing to build a multinational scope, seeking new opportunities, and demonstrating its resilience and grassroots venture, and Soong definitely plays the monumental role of it.

On top of effectively integrating group resources and striving for lean management to optimize the business structure and to ensure sustainable development, Soong spends even more efforts to build a pleasant workplace with vitality and prospects. Each member at LITEON could realize their personal career development while working together to fulfill collective goals. Soong led people at LITEON to broaden their visions and achieved numerous milestones, including Nasdaq listing of Diodes Incorporated and launching LITEON Japan, which led the run among the industry in overseas expansion plans. LITEON’s offerings continue to lead the global market share gain and have been honored with multiple No. 1 positions throughout the world. With the motto “Make Every Effort to Achieve Success,” Soong has set high standards and reputation for LITEON.

In a historical feat in 2002, Soong led the merge of four listed companies in the LITEON Group into one. The “four-to-one” not only was the largest scale merge in the industry, but also secured LITEON’s leadership position in global electronics and information technology industry. In 2014, Soong once again succeed in the “One LITEON” merger, which merged nine subsidiaries to adopt a leaner organization, and reinforced LITEON’s financial and operational structure. These movements perfectly demonstrate the dynamic growth ability of LITEON. By leading his team to obtain insights to current trends and scaling the business through a comprehensive perspective, Soong has optimized LITEON’s products and enhanced LITEON’s advantage.

Soong founded LITEON Cultural Foundation in 1993, with the vision of sustainability and capability building, Soong called on each employee along with partners across various fields to achieve the missions of fostering humanity and culture, caring for social welfare, nurturing children’s growth, and developing innovative talents. In addition to founding Taiwan’s largest volunteer training institute for children’s welfare, Soong started to run the Taipei Xinyi Community College since 2001 in order to build a lifelong learning platform which became Taiwan’s first enterprise-sponsored community college. Soong has set LITEON onto a path of achieving organizational and social co-prosperous growth. LITEON has been awarded “Corporate Citizenship Award” by Commonwealth Magazine for 14 consecutive years, and was honored with Commonwealth Magazine’s 2021 Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility Award as well as Global Views Monthly’s “Corporate Social Responsibility Award” for the Electronics sector.

Soong has formally passed on the leadership and the responsibility onto Chairman Tom Soong and President Anson Chiu, who will continue to fulfill LITEON’s commitment to employees, partners, and customers, as well as continue to implement sustainable governance and corporate social responsibility. From strategizing a future roadmap founded on his insights to the market demand, to the seamless transition of leadership to a new generation of leaders, Soong’s philosophy of being virtuous as well as his foresight in business management are demonstrated again and again. From his ethical values and vision to his sensitivity to lean management, Soong has created a unique corporate culture for LITEON, which made LITEON from a “good company” to an “excellent corporation.” He has also provided wise guidance to businesses across generations in Taiwan, “Every effort should be made to achieve synergy and to help others, and never forget your intention along the way.”

  • Fellow, Industrial Technology Research Institution
  • Honorary PhD in Management, National Taipei University of Technology
  • Honorary PhD in Management, National Chiao Tung University
Accolades for LITEON
  • Led LITEON to be the first listed electronics company on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. With the ticker of 2301, it also symbolized pioneering spirit of the Company. (1983)
  • Ranked No.1 in the Optoelectronics Sector of "Taiwan Top 1000 Manufacturers of the Year 2003" as well as 10th in "Largest Private Enterprise" by Business Weekly magazine, Taiwan. (2004)
  • Ranked 21st in "IT 100" from US-based Business Week (2004)
  • Selected as a constituent stock by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) for the first time and immediately secured first place in the global electronic components and equipment category. (2011)
  • Ranked No. 1 in the electronics sector of Taiwan Top 1000 Manufacturers by CommonWealth Magazine for four consecutive ears. (2012)
  • Listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) for three consecutive years and named the Global Industry Leader in the computer hardware category. (2013)
Founder of LITEON Technology
Raymond Soong