Optoelectronics are Shaping THE FUTURE.

LITEON Optoelectronics Product Solution SBU (LITEON OPS) is a worldwide leading provider of optoelectronic semiconductors. Our leading role is backed by the broadest and most widely varying product offering in Optical technologies, ranging from illumination to sensing, from low power to high power, from commodity to custom-made, from LED to Laser, from visible lights to infrared & UV.

Visible, UV & Automotive LEDs

LED Illuminates the Path to a Greener Future

LED Illuminates the Path to  a Greener Future
LED Illuminates the Path to a Greener Future

We are dedicated to illuminating your world with innovation and brilliance. Our comprehensive portfolio addresses LEDs for various applications from Status indicators, automotive lighting, UV-C to programmable, custom light module treatment.

Optoelectronics Product Solution SBU
Optoelectronics Product Solution SBU

LITEON OPS is a comprehensive optoelectronics technology solution provider. We offer product and technology portfolio for illumination, isolation and sensing for Automotive, Industrial, and Consumer applications.

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Visible, UV & Automotive LEDs