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As a leading player in electronic industry, LITE-ON is dedicated to the development of communication technology. Our core competencies are high-quality product design and manufacturing services. We provide customers with high-value-added products and collaborate with worldwide top-tier branding companies to create win-win business opportunities.

We offer comprehensive networking communication solutions, including Campus & Enterprise, Small and Medium-sized Enterprise, Industrial/Outdoor, to meet various application scenarios, such as IT Infrastructure, Surveillance Systems, and Cybersecurity. Customers have flexibility to choose business model to achieve maximum collaboration efficiency.

.1G/2.5G/5G/10G port speed support
.802.3af/at/bt PoE support
To deliver clean power to powered devices such as Voice-over-IP (VoIP) phones, wireless access points (APs), video surveillance cameras.
.Easy deployment for enterprise
E.g., Wi-Fi 6/6E with existing installed CAT 5 or CAT 6 cables.

.25G/100G port speed support
.To be deployed in data center, cloud, and enterprise environment as a standalone or top-of-rack (ToR)
.Hot-swappable, Load-Sharing, redundant power supply, and N + 1 redundant, hot-swappable fan modules.

.Outdoor PoE switch: Resilient , sturdy, durable and weatherproof.
It can be installed on a pole to connect PoE IP cameras, wireless access points, sensors which are installed on the pole.
.Industrial PoE switch: Fanless, extended operating temperature, IP30 standard metal housing to meet stringent outdoor and harsh network deployment scenarios.
It can be installed in an outdoor telecom cabinet, manufacturing, utilities.

【Empowering Smart Connectivity with Wired Switches】
In our ever-evolving smart life application ecosystem, switches play a pivotal role. These advanced devices go beyond out-of-the-box solutions, enabling us to create not just a home with smart technology, but a truly smart home. By seamlessly managing data traffic, Ethernet switches enhance connectivity, efficiency, and resource utilization.

The Best Choice For Network Switch Solutions

We design and manufacture Ethernet switches, and security devices primarily for small and medium-sized enterprises, large enterprises, and data centers. You can collaborate with us through CM, OEM, ODM, or JDM.

  • Application Oriented

    Application Oriented

  • Easy Deployment and Management

    Easy Deployment and Management

  • IoT Expansion

    IoT Expansion

The Core of The Smart Life

Enterprise, Campus, Venue, Community (MDU)

Enterprise, Campus, Venue, Community (MDU)
Enterprise, Campus, Venue, Community (MDU)

To expand and interconnect different IoT devices, and through a unified management platform, meet the requirements of smart life.

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