Diversity & Inclusion
Supporting Indigenous youths
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Ocean Reading Campus Touring Exhibition
Ocean Education
Received the 3rd Marine Education Contribution Awards
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Distributed red envelopes to children at the Lunar New Year gathering
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Diversity & Inclusion
Supporting Indigenous youths


"Fighting for Indigenous Youth" - Supporting Indigenous youths in finding their self-identity through boxing.


The foundation actively promotes a society of mutual understanding and inclusivity. It aims to provide opportunities for the new generation of all groups to showcase their strengths. Through understanding and care, the foundation strives to create a friendly and supportive environment. In 2023, the foundation partnered with The World Association to organize the "Fighting for Indigenous Youth" boxing activities. Excellent Indigenous young boxers mentored by the association served as coaches, providing a stage for them to showcase their confidence. The activities aim for LITEON employees to gain a deeper understanding of the cultural challenges faced by Indigenous communities, learn about diverse cultural values, and embrace the beauty of diversity together.

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Dare to Dream, Reach for the Stars

The LITEON Cultural Foundation was founded in 1993 and was initially funded by private donations from the three founders of affiliated companies, Raymond Soong, Yuan-Shen Lin, and An-Feng Wu. The foundation has been in existence for 31 years.


Over the past 31 years, the Foundation has seen that as times change and society advances, there are still many corners of society that have missed opportunities for growth due to the lack of resources. Therefore, the LITEON Cultural Foundation turned its concern into action by working with schools since 1991. Recognizing the shortcomings in the counseling mechanisms at the time, the foundation established a volunteer team to help support students at risk of dropping out. They introduced extracurricular reading and non-academic materials, using small group counseling to provide companionship and guide the children in finding positive ways to face challenges outside of regular class hours.


In the 2000s, the foundation undertook the Taipei Xinyi Community College to create a lifelong learning platform and work with community partners to contribute to different aspects of society, including education, culture, art, and charity. The college's performance has been rated as "excellent" by Taipei City several times.


Since 2020, Tom Soong has served as the Chairman of the LITEON Cultural Foundation, upholding the foundation's 30-year tradition of caring for people. Recognizing the changing needs of society, and as government resources gradually filled the gaps in lifelong education and counseling, the LITEON Cultural Foundation concluded its phase of campus counseling and community college management, handing these responsibilities over to professional teams. The foundation then shifted its focus to revitalizing holistic education through the four main areas of diversity and inclusion, ecological living, island hydrology, and social welfare. By creating new perspectives while fostering inclusivity across different groups, the LITEON Cultural Foundation aims to help the next generation discover their resilience and inner strength. They hope to help children and adolescents find the courage to pursue their dreams, empowering every dreamer to reach for the stars!


  • Projects executed in 2023
  • Projects executed in 2022
Projects executed in 2023
Projects executed in 2022

Projects executed in 2023 


  • Hot Indigenous Boxing Team - Indigenous boxer punches: The foundation supports the ‘New Taipei City LeWo Community Service Association’ located in Sanxia, helping urban indigenous teenagers to regain self-value recognition through boxing, and let the spirit of courage to challenge and not admit defeat, which is the same as LITEON, shine even more.
  • -1111 : LITEON redefines the concept of consumer holidays by creating an industry-first public second-hand market. They curate and sell gently used items, with all proceeds donated to social and environmental nonprofit organizations.
  • Supporting Taiwan Good Foundation’s Shen Nong Project for Food and Agricultural Education: The LITEON Cultural and Educational Foundation collaborates with the Taiwan Good Foundation to focus on resource allocation for underserved rural schools. They establish school fields and introduce systematic food and agricultural education programs. Based on the natural environment, these programs guide students to connect with the land, respect life, enhance their cultural identity, and inspire a commitment to environmental sustainability.
  • Youth Development Program Scholarships: TITEON Cultural and Educational Foundation has long been committed to nurturing talent among children and youth. To encourage academically excellent students from low-income families, they initiated the “Youth Development Program Scholarships” in 2019. These scholarships, generously donated by Chairman Lu Mingguang, provide support for junior high, high school, vocational, and college students. The first phase of the program (2019-2022) supported 479 outstanding students from disadvantaged backgrounds, and the second phase began in 2023.


Projects executed in 2022 

• Community Education Volunteer Empowerment Classes: Promoting digital learning online empowerment courses due to the severe COVID-19 pandemic, LITEON guided volunteers to provide volunteer services on campus/in households to help parents accompany children in learning at home.

• Food agriculture education of Lovely Taiwan Foundation Shennong Farming Project: LITEON supported schools that are not located in the mountains or urban areas to build their own farm, helping students identify with their hometown and introducing them to local crops.

• Published Picture Book on Marine Education: We sponsored the publication of the picture book "SOS Expedition: The Great Coral Mission" and provided it as a physical teaching resource for the National Museum of Marine Science & Technology's coral conservation initiatives.

• Ocean Reading Campus Touring Exhibition: To promote marine education, we promoted the sponsored publication "Ocean Philosophy Class at 23.97" Ocean Reading Campus Touring Exhibition and held the online training for teachers and face-to-face discussions with writers.

• Scholarship assistance program: Providing scholarships to support children and youth education.

• Supporting the Good Skills Filming Project: LITEON supported students in a skills class of a junior high school in Nantou County in filming a documentary of their learning process.