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Empowering A Green Future

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Green Data Center

With the rapid increase in digital information leading to growing energy consumption, more challenges are added to the operation of data centers. Green energy has become a key issue in the construction of data centers. Moving towards the ideal vision of green data centers, LITEON provides customers with comprehensive solutions, actively contributing to the achievement of a low-carbon economy and accelerating the global greening process.

To build competitive advantages for green data centers, LITEON provides highly energy-efficient solutions. Through customized energy-saving mechanism design and liquid cooling systems, it can more effectively reduce the energy consumption and temperature of data centers, improve energy utilization, and effectively help reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. In addition, LITEON supports 5G network equipment, enhances the intelligent upgrade of data centers, ensures high-efficiency and smooth speed of data and communication, and is committed to developing green products and optimizing energy management solutions. It provides customers with sustainable and clean data center solutions, incorporating environmental awareness into every aspect of product design and production. This is LITEON’s responsibility and commitment: to establish sustainable value and contribution with ecosystem partners, accelerating the construction of green data centers, and work together to empower a green futuere!

Smart Life

LITEON is dedicated to integrating intelligent technology into everyday environments, effectively enhancing the quality of work and life, while simultaneously boosting overall comfort. By leveraging advanced intelligent technologies, we offer efficient security measures, significantly improving work productivity and confidentiality. Our smart life solutions encompass a wide range of wired or wireless devices, including networking infrastructure, security camera, access control, control panel, alarm kits and other related equipment. These solutions are user-friendly and well-equipped to adapt to the future trends of digital intelligence, positioning us at the forefront of limitless innovation in the new era of intelligence.

Clean Mobility

In an era where global focus on ecological preservation is intensifying, clean mobility has emerged as a pivotal player in the journey towards sustainable and energy-efficient solutions.

With over four decades of expertise in the automotive electronics industry, LITEON harnesses its core competencies in optoelectronics and power management to pioneer the future of automotive electronics. We are at the forefront of developing industry-leading solutions such as charging stations for electric vehicles.

Moreover, our endeavors extend to vehicle lighting, vision applications, road lighting, and traffic signals. Through the integration of our comprehensive product portfolio and cutting-edge technology, we not only enhance traffic efficiency and safety but also foster a harmonious coexistence between the ecological environment and low-carbon transportation.

At LITEON, we firmly believe that our relentless pursuit of innovative technologies can revolutionize the transportation experience for users and pave the way for a better, more sustainable future for all.

Efficient Infrastructure

Liteon Technology is on a mission to revolutionize the world with its cutting-edge, intelligent, and sustainable energy solutions. With a focus on energy-saving, energy-storage, energy-conversion, and energy-managing technologies, we're creating an efficient, eco-friendly, and exciting future! Our vision of the Internet of Energy (loE) ecosystem drives us to expand our offerings from residential to commercial and industrial solutions, charging stations, data centers, smart grids, and a wide range of energy applications. Our goal is to empower users with energy freedom and deliver a brand-new experience of sustainable energy management through innovation and continuous optimization.
Join us on this exciting journey towards a brighter, greener future!

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Optoelectronic Semiconductors
LITEON Optoelectronics Product Solution SBU (LITEON OPS) is a worldwide leading provider of optoelectronic semiconductors. Our leading role is backed by the broadest and most widely varying product offering in Optical technologies, ranging from illumination to sensing, from low power to high power, from commodity to custom-made, from LED to Laser, from visible lights to infrared & UV.
Energy Management
LITEON is a global leading provider in power management solutions, providing diverse and high-quality products for industries such as communications, industrial automation, smart homes, medical, office, and automotive electronics, with its innovative and excellent research and development capabilities.
Consumer Electronics
LITEON is dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art home entertainment and office solutions. Our products, rich in features and powered by innovative technologies, are the result of this commitment. We strive to enhance the user experience and provide all-encompassing services to our customers.
Networking and Surveillance
LITEON is dedicated to providing advanced intelligent IoT products and Networking infrastructure, meeting customer needs through comprehensive services and superior user experiences, and offering all-round solutions for customers. Products include Networking solutions, Surveillance solutions, AIOT solutions, and Server-related measures.
Automotive Electronics
LITEON is committed to developing car charging technology, ADAS solutions, and automotive lighting modules with high-end technology. These advanced technologies not only enhance the user experience and service quality of customers, but also further propel the innovative development of the automotive industry.
Roadway Intellimation System
With more than 30 Years Innovation, LEOTEK represents the "Leading Edge of Technology", emphasizing the brand's commitment to innovative, cutting-edge technology solutions.

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With a strong global presence, LITEON is capable of leveraging its flexible supply chain management and diverse worldwide operational centers to provide value-added solutions and services to global customers.

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By embracing sustainable practices and principles, we can create a more secure, resilient, and equitable future for ourselves and future generations.
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