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LITEON Technology Received The 2021 TSAA Sustainability Action Gold Award for Its Unique Marine Waste Solution

LITEON Technology (2301.TW) is honored to announce it has received the 2021 TSAA Taiwan Sustainability Action Gold Award fromTaiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy” for the project "Sea Hope".

To call on the public to pay attention to the severe ecological problems caused by marine waste, LITEON Technology took SDGs 14 "Life Below Water” as the core concept, launched the “SEA HOPE Sustainable Development Project'' since 2018. This award recognizes LITEON for not only echoing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, the recycling model is also highly affirmed by the jury for its innovation and social impact.

“As a responsible corporate citizen and a leading technology company with climate change in mind, LITEON Technology is constantly thinking about how to respond to the SDGs.“ said Mr. Anson Chiu, President of LITEON Technology, “Especially from the aspects of reducing climate risk, developing a low-carbon economy, and strengthening environmental conservation, we proactively set goals and carry out specific actions to achieve sustainable development. Moving forward, we will be more active in the development of various marine waste materials, and work with multiple stakeholders to achieve sustainable development that takes into account both prosperity and the environment.


Raising Ocean Awareness with A Special Beach Clan-Up Model

LITEON SEA HOPE Project started with beach cleaning activities, and proactively constructed a unique volunteer system which is operated by a multi-party mechanism, including social enterprises, partner companies in the value chain, research institutions, governments, schools at all levels, environmental NGOs, local communities on the coast, etc. Through cooperation between organizations, it not only strengthened the sense of identity of employees and volunteers but also expanded the social impact.


Inspired by The Ocean: Green Talent Cultivation

To cultivate green talents and stimulates innovative technologies for sustainable marine waste resources, the "Design for SDG14" sub-project was established to cooperate with the design departments of universities and colleges such as National Taipei University of Technology, National Taichung University of Education, Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Chung Yuan Christian University, and Taipei Medical University.

The LITEON team proposed cross-field design education courses, guided students to start from different design fields, put forward innovative solutions corresponding to marine issues, and introduced SDGs into the curriculum to promote sustainable thinking and social practice to the core of talent cultivation. In 2020, more than 2,000 students participating in the course, and their outstanding design works were also publicly exhibited at LITEON Technology Headquarters, National Museum of Marine Science & Technology, Dagang M. ZONE Maker Space in Kaohsiung Pier 2 Art Center, etc.


Rethinking Plastic: A Win-Win Solution for Blue Circular Economy

90% of marine waste is plastic products, the largest groups in terms of volume percentage were Styrofoam fishing equipment, unlike plastic bottles, which have a fully developed recycling system and can be developed into recycled materials for reuse, Styrofoam marine waste with its massive volume faces shipping costs far exceeding returns on recycling. While local governments of outlying islands are unable to pay for cleanup, Styrofoam processing has become a difficult issue. The LITEON team initiated the "Ocean Plastic Recycle" sub-project from the perspective of circular economy, the first step is to develop the world’s first “Sea Waste Styrofoam On-Site Volume Reduction Mechanism” to solve the problem of excessively expensive transportation costs.

In 2020, LITEON donated volume reduction containers to the Penghu and Kinmen county governments, with this cooperation mechanism, LITEON can also obtain a stable source of marine waste materials, transform them into renewable low-carbon materials and provide to customers, successfully constructing a marine waste circular economy model. Since 2019, LITEON has assisted in the removal of about 80 metric tons of marine waste Styrofoam for the local governments of outlying islands. Currently, it is also preparing to expand more marine waste recycling sites and expand the recycling capacity, to create a win-win solution for the marine environment and economy.



A Review in Numbers (2018-2020)

Starting Date:October 2018

Projects:Marine waste circular economy, Marine conservation volunteer programs, Innovations for conservation and development

Beach Cleanup Organizing:40 times

Volunteer:4,414 people

Marine Waste Cleared:2.3 metric tons

Volunteer Hours:12,413 hours

Universities and Design Departments Collaborated: 6 departments in 5 Universities

Students Guided:2,497 people

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