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【Salary and bonus】

  • 12 months of fixed salary
  • Year-end bonus provided depending on regional salary
  • Depending on the company’s conditions of operation, organization goals, and employees’ individual performance, incentive bonuses are presented
  • R&D patent award system to encourage research and development
  • Employee’s remuneration and award system to thank employees for their contributions. Employees’ remuneration, awards, the company’s operation performance, and an individual’s performance are correlated directly

【Employees’ insurance, leave, and attendance】

1.Insurance plan:

  • Labor insurance and national health insurance are bought, and pensions are contributed monthly according to the law
  • Group insurance, including life insurance, casualty insurance, medical insurance, cancer insurance, and travel insurance are planned

2.Vacation and attendance system:

  • LITEON’s vacation system is better than the one prescribed in the Labor Standards Act, including vacations of various kinds, employees also enjoy the company’s group vacation leave

【Welfare and benefit】

1. Employee’s diverse scheme:

  • Provide festival gifts including the three major festivals, Labor’s Day, and birthday. It also holds senior employees’ gold coin presentation
  • In addition to diverse club activities for employees to participate, LITEON also sponsor parties, sports days, family days, ball games, hiking, and many other large-scale literary and art activities for colleagues’ entertainment

2. Employee welfare and entertainment:

  • LITEON provides all sorts of welfares, including marriage, death, childbirth, and hospitalization. It also provides study grants to encourage employees to further their studies through multiple channels to promote their functional competence. Education grants are also provided to employees’ children. Employees’ travel benefits are present for their wellbeing.