Employee Compensation

●Annual package including 12-month base salary.
2.Bonus Program:
●Average 2 months year-end bonus (Taiwan only, according to company operational performance.)
●Employees' compensation is based on the company operational performance, profitability and employees' contribution.
●We offer various bonus programs to reward employees for performance excellence that contributes to the success of the company.

Insurance and Leave Program

1.Insurance Programs:
●In addition to statutory labor insurance, national health insurance and monthly pension contribution, we provide group insurance considerately designed for employees. The group insurance covers life insurance, accident insurance, medical insurance, cancer insurance, travel accident insurance and so on for better protection of employees' life.
2.Leave Program:
●We provide better annual leave program than the Labor Standard Act. In addition to different leave types are given in compliance with related laws, we provide granted leave for employees.


1.Employee welfare system:
●The “Employee welfare committee” is a comprehensive system set up to meet our employee’s needs. It offers various benefits such as bonuses for holidays and birthdays, grants for travel, weddings, maternity, funerals, emergency assistance, education, and scholarships for employee’s children, etc.
2.Clubs and various activities:
●Employees have a variety of clubs and events to choose from such as sports, arts, leisure and volunteer activities.
●Lite-On regularly organizes group activities such as social gatherings, family days, hiking trips, movie nights, banquets, singing competitions and etc. to promote a balanced lifestyle between life and work.
●Athletic events such as track & field meets, dodgeball competitions, and basketball tournaments are periodically held to solidify the community by connecting employees and enhancing team spirit. For its dedication to excelling in fitness, Lite-On was awarded a certificate for being a fitness-conscious company by the ministry of education.