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LITEON Technology ( continues to set industry milestones with its latest portfolio addition: a Level 3 Electric Vehicle (EV) DC fast charger. Launched by Power Innovations International (Pii) - a subsidiary of LITEON - these EV chargers easily integrate with existing electrical infrastructure due to their multi-voltage input, which enables users to quickly install the product while avoiding additional infrastructure and installation costs. These can be integrated in any input voltage configuration found in US power distribution infrastructure with no derating to the base power purchased.


The EV charger portfolio comes with modular and stackable power capabilities – and no derating feature among any of the different input configurations. Pii recently installed 30 and 60 kilowatt versions onsite with a US partner, showcasing its adaptability to use available existing infrastructure from 240 Vac up to 480 Vac in the same product with no derating. With LITEON's power electronic expertise and industry-leading technology, users can expect a rapid and seamless charging experience.


Pii Provides Cutting-edge DC EV Charging Solutions from 30kW to 180kW

Pii is a US-based company that specializes in providing clean, efficient power solutions. It has long been an industry leader in power management solutions – in particular, uninterruptible power supplies and power distribution equipment since its founding in 1997 – and now includes EV charging solutions. LITEON acquired Pii in 2013, combining LITEON's global reach and manufacturing capabilities with Pii's expertise in critical power applications. This charger represents the first time that a Pii product has incorporated LITEON's power conversion technology in a design.


Pii's EV DC fast charging systems, ranging from 30kW up to 180kW, offer high-speed charging solutions that are suitable for private or public use, including public EV infrastructure, EV fleets, dealerships, C-Store, and similar commercial applications, as well as mobile fast charging.


Pii's experience in delivering reliable power solutions ensures that users receive high-quality charging equipment. With the desire for green energy systems, Pii is committed to providing sustainable solutions that align with their values for the latest smart energy ecosystems. For more information about Pii’s solutions, please visit


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