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LITEON enhances its leadership position in the Optoelectronic Semiconductors Technology and Industry involving components and electronic devices such as lasers, laser diodes, LEDs, etc. through the partnership with ITRI.


In addition, LITEON has improved its research with ITRI to refine its patent portfolio across the industry chain. LITEON has also partaken in IP Bank, demonstrating its strength in intellectual property rights.


May Chiu, General Counsel at LITEON, is the one who facilitated this IPR partnership. Highly experienced in international IPR management and litigation, Chiu is also a consultant at the IP Bank. “ITRI has been named a Top 100 Global Innovator by Clarivate for six times and five consecutive years, and has a patent analysis system proved beneficial to Taiwan's companies,” she stated. “Partnering with ITRI, LITEON wishes to enhance LITEON's R&D skills and IPR competitiveness, and create a win-win situation.”


LITE-ON Technology Corporation (LITEON) Statement

LITEON understands how much effort is required to invest in intellectual property and the value of intellectual property to a business. It is reaffirmed that LITEON, as always, respects all intellectual property, whether it belongs to LITEON or someone else. On the other hand, LITEON deeply knows how much damage can be caused if intellectual property is stolen, misused or mishandled. Hence, LITEON will take legal action to stand up for LITEON's and customers’ benefits and rights if anyone makes false accusations or commits a violation or theft of LITEON's intellectual property.


About LITEON Optoelectronics Product Solution SBU (LITEON OPS)

LITEON was founded in 1975 and is a worldwide leading provider of optoelectronic semiconductors. LITEON Optoelectronics Product Solution SBU (LITEON OPS) has been dedicated to R&D on LED technologies and has more than forty-eight years' experience in this field. Its leading role is backed by the broadest and most widely varying product offering in Optoelectronic technologies, ranging from illumination to sensing, from low power to high power, from commodity to custom-made, from LED to Laser, and from visible lights to infrared & UV. LITEON possesses a strong patent portfolio in the key markets including America, China, Taiwan, Japan, Europe, and Korea.