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LITEON Technology (2301.TW) is pleased to announce that the ocean recycled plastic LGS-7505 has received UL ECVP 2809 (UL Environmental Claim Validation Procedure, UL ECVP) and UL 746D (UL Recycled Plastics Certification in Yellow Card). This milestone makes LITEON the first company in the world to be certified both in the traceability and performance of ocean plastic.


The deterioration of marine waste has severely impacted the ecological environment, many NGOs and companies believe if marine plastics can be successfully recycled and regenerated, a circular economy model can be constructed to help solve the problem. However, marine plastics were immersed in seawater for a long time, and many substances such as shellfish, sand, seaweed were attached to the surface. This not only causes the high cost of recycling but also makes the stability and durability of recycled plastic a major technical challenge. Moreover, when the recycling mechanism of ocean plastics is so complicated, the consumers have no idea to tell if the product in front of them overstate its eco-credentials.


LGS-7505 is a marine waste recycled plastic developed by LITEON Technology, of which 75% of the material comes from recycled plastic, and 5% comes from the marine waste Styrofoam jointly developed and recycled by LITEON and the supply chain. For LGS-7505, every step in the recycling process was audited to prove its transparency and reliability. When compared to similar virgin compounds, it can reduce the carbon footprint by more than 60%, providing customers with more low-carbon and sustainable options. LITEON team also overcame technical difficulties and made the quality and performance of LGS-7505 almost achieve the same level as the virgin compounds. Not only is it easy to form, but it can also be directly imported into the manufacturing process and used in existing molds, which greatly reduces the additional cost of customers when using recycled materials.


“LGS-7505 is the world's first ocean plastic to obtain both ECVP 2809 & 746D. which means in addition to its green competitiveness, LGS-7505 can also be a great help for customers when applying for environmental certifications such as EPEAT.” said Mr. Anson Chiu, President of LITEON Technology, “It’s not just about sustainability. We expect our product to have high added value and to drive change in the industry, jointly build a circular economy.”


Press Contact:

Julia Wang, Sr. Director of IR/PR   +886-2-8798-2888