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LITEON is pleased to announce that it won seven 2020 Taiwan Corporate Sustainable Awards (TCSA), namely Top 10 Domestic Companies Sustainability Model Award (Manufacturing Industry), Corporate Sustainability Report Platinum Award, coupled with the Best Practice Awards of Creativity in Communication, Climate Leadership, Circular Economy Leadership, Social Inclusion and Information Security. Meanwhile, LITEON was also selected as a member of the 2020 Dow Jones Sustainability Emerging Markets Index (DJSI Emerging Markets) for ten consecutive years, demonstrating that its ESG sustainable practices are fully recognized.


“LITEON actively implements various corporate social responsibility commitments, including labor relations, employee care, corporate governance, environmental protection, and social welfare while pursuing revenue and profitable growth, and focuses on compliance with government regulations, protection of employee interest, enhancement of occupational health and safety, development of green products, reduction of environmental impact, and social and environmental responsibilities etc., to meet the expectations of stakeholders,” said Mr. Anson Chiu, President of LITEON Technology.


In 2020 DJSI ranking, LITEON achieved the highest scores in seven criteria including Materiality, Policy Influence, Environmental Reporting, Environmental Policy & Management Systems, Climate Strategy, Social Reporting, and Corporate Citizenship and Philanthropy in Computers & Peripherals and Office Electronics industry, with five of them scoring full marks, presenting that LITEON’s sustainability performance are highly acknowledged by its stakeholders.


In 2020 TCSA ranking, to implement environmental sustainability, LITEON voluntarily pledged to achieve the SBTi approved target of reducing carbon emission by 39.3% per unit of revenue by 2025 with 2014 as the base year. Moreover, LITEON has reduced Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission by 18% and waste generation by 15%, and raised consumption of renewable energy to 13% of total power consumption comparing with the base year, resulting in the “Climate Leadership” award recognition. With its “SEA HOPE” project, LITEON has organized a series of creative beach cleaning operations since 2018. The plastic recycled from marine waste Styrofoam was further made into LITEON’s computer peripheral products such as keyboards and mice by cooperating with a domestic social enterprise, disposer for Styrofoam marine waste, the Environmental Protection Bureau of Penghu County, and its suppliers. This year, LITEON has further donated the world's first containers that process marine waste Styrofoam on-site and significantly reduce the shipping volume by 90% to Penghu and Kinmen county governments respectively, expecting to process over 50 tons of marine waste Styrofoam on-site each year, which supported LITEON to win the “Creativity in Communication” and “Circular Economy Leadership” awards.


For “Information Security” award, LITEON implemented the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 international standard information security management system, and certified by the third party this year to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, availability and legality of information assets. LITEON AWARD, which has been held for 20 consecutive years, was awarded “Social Inclusion” award for connecting suppliers and social resources and encouraging innovative designs in the technology field. Moreover, LITEON’s labor, health and safety, environmental protection, and corporate ethics standards in compliance with the Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct as well as the full disclosure of ESG-related implementation results in its annual CSR report with a high level assurance from third party to achieve the effectiveness of communication with stakeholders again won LITEON “Corporate Sustainability Report Platinum Award in IT Manufacturing.”


LITEON was ranked “A- list’ in 2019 CDP Climate Change this year, included in the Constituent MSCI ESG Leaders Indexes for seven consecutive years. In Taiwan, LITEON was awarded the First Prize in Electronics Technology Industry of the annual overall CSR survey of 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Award from Global Views Magazine, ranked on the Top 5% listed companies of 2020 Corporate Governance Evaluation by Taiwan Stock Exchange, consecutively certified as a constituent in the FTSE4Good Taiwan Index Plus (TIP) Taiwan ESG Index, and awarded “Corporate Citizenship” Award from Common Wealth Magazine for 14th straight years.



Julia Wang

Senior Director, Investor and Public Relations

Tel: +886-2-8798-2888