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LITEON Technology (2301-TW) today announced its Board elected Mr. Tom Soong as Chairman and Mr. Anson Chiu as President. Mr. Tom Soong, Board Director of LITEON Technology, has been elected Chairman of LITEON Technology with main responsibility for corporate governance, Board operations, talents cultivation, long-term growth strategy, as well as strengthening of LITEON’s core competitiveness and corporate culture inheritance, effective immediately. Meanwhile, Mr. Anson Chiu, CEO of LITEON Power Conversion Business Group, has been named President of LITEON Technology, who will be committed in providing the total solution to clients by the integration of products, technologies and services across the business group, new business development, optimization of the global footprint expansion and smart manufacturing in order to achieve excellent performance and long-term business sustainability for LITEON, taking effect on August 1st, 2020.


Mr. Raymond Soong, after stepping down as Chairman of LITEON Technology, will remain as a member of the Board in LITEON Technology and Chairman of LITEON Group. Mr. Warren Chen, after stepping down as Vice Chairman and Group CEO of LITEON Technology, will continue to be a member of the Board in LITEON Technology and Vice Chairman of the Group. In addition, Mr. Chen will serve as an advisor on the Group’s sustainable development, industry-government-academy association relations, M&A, digital transformation and smart manufacturing.


“LITEON’s Board of Directors highly values and appreciates that Mr. Warren Chen has fully devoted himself to the Company over 37 years, accomplishing the integration of group resources and organizations, streamlining business scope and segments and achieved steadier operation during his tenure of GCEO,” said Mr. Raymond Soong, Chairman of LITEON Group. “The Board of Directors today elected new Chairman and President in expectation that the younger-generation of the top management team will leverage the profound industrial experiences of senior executives, jointly inherit LITEON’s excellent operation and corporate culture, embrace innovation spirit, to carry out LITEON’s progress towards a Centenarian Enterprise.”


Tom Soong

Chairman of LITEON Technology

Tom Soong has joined LITEON Technology over 20 years. He served as Sales Manager of LITEON U.S. subsidiary and then General Manager of China Bridge Express Trading Co., Ltd., where he played a key role in expanding China markets for LITEON Technology products and achieved steady growth successfully. Following, Mr. Soong served as General Manager of LITEON Networking Access Business Unit and Mechanical Competence Business Group. Afterwards, he was named as CEO of New Mechanical Competence Business Group, CEO of Smart Life and Applications Business Group and General Manager of Shanghai Operational Center, obtaining wealth of experiences in Networking and Smart Technology fields. Since October 2019, he has served as Special Assistant to LITEON Chairman and Vice Chairman, participating in the operation and management of the Company and furthermore assisting in the management of headquarters’ functional departments and business groups.


Mr. Soong, with a distinct focus on brand value enhancement and more meritorious product and service offerings, has driven resource integration at LITEON Technology in recent years and led the team to think out-of-box and create new momentum to the Company by innovation. Prior to joining LITEON, Mr. Soong spent careers in semiconductor and venture capital fields.



• Special Assistant to Chairman& Vice Chairman, LITEON

• CEO, LITEON Smart Life and Applications Business Group,

• General Manager, LITEON Shanghai Operational Center

• CEO, LITEON New Mechanical Competence Business Group

• General Manager, LITEON Mechanical Competence Business Group

• General Manager, LITEON Networking Access Business Unit

• General Manager, China Bridge Express Trading Co., Ltd.,



Anson Chiu

President of LITEON Technology

Anson Chiu joined LITEON Technology in 1987. He has accumulated extensive experiences and expertise over three decades in the global supply chain management and business development of the electronic industry. He served as Head of Procurement and PC/NB Business Unit in Power Conversion Business Group. While working in US subsidiary of LITEON, he was accountable for the Cloud computing business and made a big breakthrough in winning the projects from top US clients. Mr. Chiu was appointed General Manager of LITEON Power Conversion Business Group in 2016, promoted to CEO of LITEON Power Conversion Business Group in 2018 till now and given the added responsibility of overseeing Internet of Things Business Unit in 2020.


Mr. Chiu possesses solid operational experiences in the electronic industry and is proficient in building the overall competitiveness of the supply chain management and strengthening customer relationships. He has demonstrated leadership and effective management to the success of Power Conversion Business Group.


• CEO, LITEON Technology Power Conversion Business Group

• General Manager, LITEON Technology Power Conversion Business Group

• Director, NB Business Unit, LITEON Technology Power Conversion Business Group



Press Contact:

Julia Wang, Senior Director of IR/PR