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Taipei, Taiwan – March 21, 2018 Today, LITE-ON announces that it is going to join the “ 2018 Guangzhou Internation Woodworking Machinery and Fitting Exhibition” taken place at Nan Fung International Convention & Exhibition Center on March 28 to 20. Continue with the concept of “Intelligent integration with innovation”, LITE-ON will showcase the brilliant products and services which can create a more effective and convenient working space for the industrial customers. At LITE-ON’s booth, there will be a Dieless Cutting Machine which implements the inverter, server, PLC and HMI of LITE-ON. It has a profoundly good performance with the features of “Zero Speed Holding”, “High Speed Spindle Applications” and “Protective functions”. Besides, LITE-ON has distribution channels in a wide range, which can provide the customers a variety of immediate services, including system integration service and calibration. This is going to fulfill customers’ needs in terms of simplifying process, reducing costs of maintenance and increasing the productivity significantly.


LITE-ON has insight into “Smart Manufacturing” and has been invested in the relating field. By accelerating the integration of its resources, it brings the products with high quality to the customers. During the exhibition, considering the industrial working environment and the specific needs, LITE-ON shows its competitiveness regarding to enhance the technical performance and IP protection, and provide the best value with reasonable prices. All the devices in the system, at the same time, reach the high protection level and are easy to maintain, dismantle, and assemble. In fact, LITE-ON has been dedicated to build an ecosystem with partners to provide one-stop service for the customers. Following “Industry 4.0”, LITE-ON sees that “Industrial IoT” is the next coming trend. To be well prepared, LITE-ON will have all its devices with online features by the end of 2018.


Dr. Ken Cheng, GM of LITE-ON IA SBU states, “LITE-ON has a deep understanding of new technologies. By joining forces with selected partners, we aim to provide better products and services to our customers. Moreover, seeing the rapid growth of AI and 5G, all our products will be web-enabled by the end of this year in order to manage the fact that we are entering the new age of Industrial IoT,”


Booth information of LITE-ON at 2018 Guangzhou Internation Woodworking Machinery and Fitting Exhibition

  • Date: Mar 28-30
  • Location: Nan Fung International Convention & Exhibition Center (630-638 Xingang Dong Road, Guangzhou, China)
  • Booth: A07, L1


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