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Although the regional uncertainty like Iraq War or SARS cast shadow for operation in April, Lite-On Technology Corporation still managed to perform beyond expectation and on Wednesday reported the estimated global revenue of April 2003 totaled to 7.6 billion NT dollars , with a 9.25% increase on a MoM basis and a 4%growth on a YoY basis.

Adding the revenues of Lite-On IT Technology and Silitech Corporation, the two majorities owned subsidiaries, the estimated global consolidated revenue of April, 2003 reached NT 10.72 billion dollars with a 3.4 % growth on a MoM basis.

The sales of printer and Multi Function Printers remained stable, which resulted in NT$1.15 billion dollars . The revenue of Peripheral and Component Business Group was NT$4.81 billion dollars with an 8.2 % increase on a MoM basis.The sales of LCD Monitors (192,000 units) were the main contributor for the growth. The sales of Adapters, LEDs and Keyboards were inline with forecast.

Shipment of new models helped the sales quantity of handset, which jumped to 400, 000 units from 300,000 units last month with a 16% increase in revenue on a MoM basis. The sales of networking and system products contributed NT$1.03 billion dollars to the total revenue and enjoyed a 33% growth on a MoM basis.

To address the potential SARS impact, Lite-On Technology has activated a strict sanitary procedure to ensure the production facilities are free from the SARS virus and 15 offshore plants around the world have been evaluated for backup production requirement. Lite-On Technology asked suppliers to raise inventory and adopted various measurement to ensure an adequate safety stock in the event of shutdown.