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Lite-On Technology Corporation reported the estimated global revenue of Mar. 2004 reached NT$ 12.3 billion with 74% growth on a YoY basis and 7% growth on a MoM basis. The 1Q 2004 global accumulated revenue was NT$35.1billion with 58% growth on a YoY basis and -6% decrease on a QoQ basis which is better than -10~15% QoQ guidance disclosed in 4Q2003 analyst meeting.

In 2004, Lite-on Technology positioned to be “Opto-electronic component” company and related products such as Display, Power supply, Image and LED were 81% of global revenue in Mar.2004.

In terms of display products, including CRT monitor, LCD monitor, LCD TV and projector, achieved NT$6.6bn in Mar.2004 with 175% significant growth in YoY basis. The total shipment was 730,000 in Mar.2004.

Power supply products achieved NT$1.4bn in Mar.2004 with 14% growth in YoY basis. NB adaptor shipment increased continuously in Mar.2004 and worldwide market share was approaching 40%.

Image products, including MFP, Printer, Scanner and Phone camera modules, achieved NT$1.36bn in Mar.2004 with 11% growth in YoY basis. The growth drivers of image products were MFP, phone camera module shipment increasing and has begun shipping laser printer in Mar.2004.

As for LED products, due to the contribution of SMD LED, Photo-coupler expanding, and started shipping White LED in Mar.2004, the revenue achieved NT$594 million with 14% growth in YoY basis.

Others products included PC assembly, keyboard, networking and handsets. The handset shipment in Mar.2004 was 459,000 with revenue growth 13% in MoM basis.