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LITEON Ranked Top 5% in the 8th Corporate Governance Evaluation for Its Rigorous Sustainability Governance

LITEON(2301) is pleased to announce that it has been ranked in the top 5% of the 8th Corporate Governance Evaluation, standing out among 1,639 listed companies. With a rigorous corporate governance structure, LITEON implemented the Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles, formulated "the Rules for Evaluating Board of Directors and Functional Committee Performance," and optimized the functions of the Board of Directors and related functional committees. To protect the rights and interests of investors and other stakeholders, LITEON disclosed relevant financial information fairly and openly based on the principles of completeness, transparency, and timeliness. The evaluation shows the results of LITEON's long-term efforts, including actively improving corporate governance, enhancing the transparency of operational information, and implementing corporate social responsibility.


LITEON continues to improve sustainable governance and strengthen the resilience of corporate operations. To protect the long-term interests of the company and shareholders, the number of independent directors newly elected in 2022 has reached half of the board of directors. To exercise their duties objectively, the three independent directors shall serve no more than three consecutive terms. Further, in addition to issuing the "Nomination Committee Charter" and setting up a nomination committee, LITEON also cooperated with a third party to evaluate the performance of directors and report the evaluation results to strengthen the operation of the board of directors.


To improve information transparency, starting from the fourth quarter of 2021, LITEON has added English version to the videos of its quarterly analyst meetings, enabling foreign investors to obtain information more instantly. In order to protect the rights and interests of shareholders and treat them equally, LITEON issued bilingual meeting materials in advance before the shareholders’ meeting, including the meeting agenda, annual report, etc., so that foreign investors have equal access to information and sufficient time before the meeting for both parties to exchange discussions; more than half of the directors, including the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the chairman of the audit committee, participated in the shareholders' meeting in person.


Corporate governance is the foundation of corporate sustainability. From June 2021, Chairman Tom Soong has also served as the Chief Sustainability Officer in LITEON Technology, taking sustainable development as one of the company's core driving forces, improving operational resilience in response to climate change, and actively responding to the Stakeholders' expectations. Over the years, LITEON has established strict internal ESG indicators and kept pace with the international sustainable trend. On the road to sustainability, LITEON has cooperated with value chain partners to promote the continuous improvement of the overall industry, exerted its positive influence on the environment, society and corporate governance, and hopes to become a company trusted by employees, customers and shareholders.


The 8th Corporate Governance Evaluation, jointly conducted by the Taiwan Stock Exchange and the OTC Securities Trading Center, mainly includes four aspects: "protecting shareholders' rights and treating shareholders equally," "strengthening the structure and operation of the board of directors,” "improving information transparency,” “implementation of corporate social responsibility” and a total of 79 indicators. In 2021, 913 TWES-listed companies and 726 OTC-listed companies were evaluated, totaling 1,639 companies.


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