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LITE-ON Technology Wins the First Prize of 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Award from Global Views Magazine

LITE-ON Technology (TW 2301) is pleased to announce that it has won the 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Award from Global Views Magazine. LITE-ON has been awarded the First Prize in Electronics Technology Industry of the annual overall CSR survey, particularly for setting up the Corporate Sustainability Committee under the Board of Directors to actively conform to international corporate governance standards, substantial results from practicing responsible production and products green design and its continued implementation of marine ecosystem protection.


“LITE-ON values the operational transparency as well as corporate governance, and actively practices the sustainability strategy. Now we are taking responsible actions on environmental protection and responding to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We examine all aspects such as green products, application innovation, responsible production, employee development and social impact of how to further benefit environmental protection, and work together with our stakeholders to achieve sustainable development goals, balancing prosperity and the environment,” said Mr. Warren Chen, LITE-ON Vice Chairman and Group CEO.


In 2019, LITE-ON established the Corporate Sustainability Committee directly reporting to the Board of Directors to reinforce its corporate governance function relating to environmental sustainability. Focusing on environmental strategies to reduce the risks impact from extreme global climate, LITE-ON deploys low-carbon strategies with low-carbon products and green operations and launches the Resilience LITE-ON Program to strengthen the climate change mitigation and adaptation capacity. At the same time, by implementing Science-Based Targets (SBT), LITE-ON has committed to achieving a reduction of 39.3% in carbon emissions per unit of revenue by 2025, comparing to 2014 (base year).


In addition, LITE-ON launched the "SEA HOPE" project with a concept of circular economy with its core competence of low-carbon products, mobilizing internal and external volunteers as well as stakeholders to join the campaign of beach cleanups advocating plastic reduction and turtle ecological conservation to convey the importance of marine protection. LITE-ON worked with government environmental protection departments and social enterprises to process post-recycling marine Styrofoam wastes, and modified recycled Styrofoam marine debris into recycled plastic resin, and further apply the material to computer peripheral products, such as a keyboard, mouse, etc. by cooperating with state-level research centers.


LITE-ON was ranked “A” by CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project, CDP2019) this year, selected as a member of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) for nine consecutive years and included in the Constituent MSCI ESG Leaders Indexes for six consecutive years. LITE-ON was also ranked on the Top 5% listed companies of 2019 Corporate Governance Evaluation by Taiwan Stock Exchange, certified as a constituent in the FTSE4Good Taiwan Index Plus (TIP) Taiwan ESG Index, awarded “Corporate Citizenship” Award from Common Wealth Magazine for 13th straight year. LITE-ON also won the Most Prestigious Sustainability Award - Top Ten Domestic Corporates, Climate Leadership Award and Corporate Sustainability Report Platinum Award from TCSA.



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