LITE-ON Announces New Servo System Supports EtherCAT At CIIF

Shanghai, China – September 17th , 2019The 21st China International Industrial Fair has unveiled, LITE-ON Technology Corporation (TWSE: 2301) Industrial Automation Business Unit releases the new generation of servo system ISA-8E, motion controller RGE5032, and EVO8-COMM-EC card. The servo system supports EtherCAT communication protocol to establish a new total solution for motion controlling. LITE-ON has devoted themselves to the intelligent industry and looks forward to further expand in cloud computing, intelligent manufacturing and Internet of Things fields.


General manager of LITE-ON Industrial Automation, Ken Cheng states that “in order to adapt the rapidly changing world, LITE-ON never stop the steps to pursue an excellent industrial automation solution. This time, by releasing the new generation of servo system ISA-8E and motion controller RGE5032 which support EtherCAT, we demonstrate our ability to provide a total solution with excellent performance and easy adjustment. Meanwhile, LITE-ON improves existing solutions, enable EVO8000 Premium Vector VFD supports EtherCAT; enhance water pump related functions on EVO6000 Ultra Compact Vector VFD and EVO6800 Compact Vector VFD. These new products and improvements will bring our clients to meet the future of industrial automation.”


Benefits of Servo System ISA-8E and Motion Controller RGE5032 are Impressive


ISA-8E highlights LITE-ON’s unwavering pursuit of motion technology. It not only supports EtherCAT to provide premium real-time response, but also allows the host controller to realize complex and precise motion control. Its encoder resolution is increased to 23 bits for more precise control. It also supports common DC bus technology, which effectively utilizes recycled resource to save energy. Compared with existing products, the volume of ISA-8E is reduced by 30%.


In terms of motion control, the performance of new RGE5032 is outstanding. In addition to supporting EtherCAT, it also integrates four channels of pulse output, local digital input and output, analog input and output, etc.; RGE5032’s powerful and perfect software and hardware design guarantee 8-axis synchronous control within 2ms loop cycle; its control software is based on CODESYS core, not only supports standard PLCOpen programming language, but also supports various motion control commands such as electronic cam, CNC interpolation, etc. to meet the requirement of various types of equipment applications.


Industrial IoT Gateway Prospering Intelligent Production Process


The IIoT Gateway IIoT-2224, another exhibit, features two independent Gigabit Ethernet interface converters for LAN and WAN environments. It can be used in the Intranet or the cloud and supports RS-232/422/485 communication interface. Without increasing the operating cost, IIoT-2224 helps the factory to accelerate the machine operation and feeding efficiency to greatly improve the equipment usage rate.


Dr. Ken Cheng pointed out that “LITE-ON has entered the industrial control industry and has gradually improved its motion control products and industry solutions, leading the manufacturing industry from automation to intelligence. Next step, LITE-ON will connect Industrial Internet of Things IIoT, big data and production equipment together to realize industry 4.0 vision. LITE-ON and corporate customers will join hands to embrace the first mile of smart manufacturing."


LITE-ON's Business Units Work Together to Maximize the Synergy


The industrial power supply solution also join this exhibition. The product line belongs to the power conversion business group of LITE-ON Technology. It is the leading brand in the global power industry and has the reputation of owning the top 1 PC power market share in the world. In recent years, depending on business group’s abundant research and development capabilities and its stable production scale, LITE-ON has developed industrial power supply with reasonable cost and high reliability. The industrial control power series can connect with industrial computers and automation equipment. It is a total solution of high-quality industrial power supply which meets market requirements.


In addition to continuing working on the field of industrial automation, LITE-ON Technology also devoted themselves to smart industries and develop new business opportunities, new products, and new business directions for smart life and smart city. LITE-ON also actively move their path toward cloud computing, LED lighting, automotive electronics, smart manufacturing, and Internet of Things. In terms of R&D, the Nanjing R&D Center was launched this year to accelerate product line; in terms of market expansion, LITE-ON is actively entering the Middle East, India, and Southeast Asia markets.


Photo Caption: ISA-8E not only supports EtherCAT to provide premium real-time response, but also allows the host controller to realize complex and precise motion control.


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